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Trolley Type Pneumatic/Air Hoist

In any environment where safety is a priority, air hoists are the best choice. Compared with the current drive, using compressed gas as the drive medium will not produce any sparks.

The budget air hoist is not sensitive to dust and humidity, and the temperature is suitable for minus 20℃ to 70℃. The characteristics of this structure make the pneumatic hoist especially suitable for working in dangerous environments.


This budget air hoist is the most ideal explosion-proof lifting equipment in the world. The air hoist can be divided into fixed-type pneumatic hoists and trolley-type pneumatic hoists. There are three commonly used pneumatic hoists: blade type, piston type, and cylinder type. The pneumatic hoist is mainly composed of four parts, which are the valve system, the power system, the deceleration system, and the lifting system.

Trolley Type Pneumatic Hoist Technical Parameters:

ModelLifting weight (kg)Lifting height (m)Speed Up (m/min)Speed Down(m/min)Air Pressure(M Pa)Air consumption (m3/min)Dimensions(mm)Chain Number

This Budget Air Hoist is designed to meet your lifting needs while respecting your budget constraints. With its robust construction and reliable performance, our Budget Air Hoist delivers exceptional value without compromising on quality.

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Trolley Electric Hoist Application:

Common use environments are aircraft manufacturing, assembly lines, chemical industry, dairy processing plants, electroplating plants, fireworks factory, food industry, foundry, furniture factories, glass industry, paint factory, match factory, mechanical engineering, automobile industry, Oil depots, onshore and offshore operations, paint shops, paper industry, power plants, finishing plants, sawmills, shipbuilding, space technology, steel mills, textile industries, etc.

Featuring a durable trolley design, this pneumatic hoist is engineered to handle a variety of lifting tasks with ease and precision. Whether you're in a workshop, warehouse, or industrial setting, our Budget Air Hoist ensures smooth and efficient lifting operations every time.

Equipped with advanced pneumatic technology, this air hoist offers reliable lifting power while minimizing manual effort. Its user-friendly controls and ergonomic design make it easy to operate, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

The Budget Air Hoist is built to last, with sturdy materials and components that withstand the rigors of daily use. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy installation and maneuverability, making it ideal for tight spaces and mobile applications.

Experience the reliability and affordability of our Budget Air Hoist today. Whether you're lifting heavy loads or performing routine maintenance tasks, trust in our pneumatic hoist to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Invest in quality without breaking the bank – choose our Budget Air Hoist for all your lifting needs. Contact us now to learn more and elevate your lifting capabilities with ease and affordability.

Trolley Type Air Hoist Advantages:

1. Accurate positioning: avoid the problem of inaccurate positioning of ordinary lifting products, the load can be positioned accurately to "centimeters".

2. Adjustable speed: air hoists can be adjusted steplessly when lifting or lowering; the operation speed is fast, which is 3 times that of an electric hoist and 5-10 times that of a chain block.

3. Simple operation: the lever control is easy to operate and easy to control. When lifting or lowering, it can quickly respond to the action output by the handle.

4. Adapt to harsh environment: internal lubrication system eliminates air pollution. It is suitable for working in special or harsh environments such as damp, wet, and high dust.

5. Labor saving: In addition to focusing on the beautiful appearance, the air hoist is smaller than the electric hoist, lighter in weight, easy to carry, and the product structure design is solid, which makes the operation reliable and the maintenance amount small.

6. Overload protection: When the working load exceeds the rated load, the overload protection will stop the machine from working, guarantee the working life of the machine, and automatically stop the failure.

7. Air cut-off protection: The air cut-off protection prevents the sudden drop of the load from the sudden interruption of the air source.

8. All-steel structure: The life of the pneumatic hoist is significantly longer than that of other similar products. Thus, the end user's complaints about product quality problems are greatly reduced.

Trolley Type Air Hoist Component:

1. Lifting mechanism

The lifting mechanism includes an air motor, a planetary reducer, a suspension assembly, a brake, a lifting chain, a hook assembly, and a main control valve. The lifting mechanism realizes the lifting and lowering of heavy objects by controlling the main control valve and achieves the lifting and lowering positioning braking by opening and closing the brake. The pneumatic chain hoist ensures the safety of the lifting operation. The lifting mechanism of the air chain hoist can be fixed for use as a whole, or it can be placed under the traveling mechanism for mobile use.

① Air motor: Low air consumption, low maintenance.

② Planetary reducer: The two-stage reduction mechanism accurately and effectively controls the speed ratio.

③ Main control valve: Mainly composed of left and right valve stem, connecting rod, and valve plate.

④ Manual valve: Mainly composed of a handle, valve body, and button.

⑤ Sprocket: The high-precision wear-resistant sprocket ensures that the chain can be pulled up and down smoothly in the middle, and has a long service life.

⑥ Suspension: It is mainly composed of the upper hook, hanging body, sprocket, chain, lower hook, and other parts.

⑦ The chain and hook are made of high-quality tempered steel, and the safety factor is 5 times the standard tensile force.

2. Trolley mechanism

The trolley mechanism of the pneumatic hoist adopts the pneumatic trolley, which is composed of active wheels, passive wheels, and wall panels. The pneumatic motor and the planetary reducer are controlled by the main control valve to drive the active wheel to walk and realize the horizontal movement of lifting heavy objects.

3. Air distribution system

The air distribution system uses compressed air as the power source to control the air circuit to manipulate the lifting and walking of the hoist.

4. Overload protection device

Equipped with an emergency stop button that cuts off the air supply quickly, overload protection devices are equipped for more than 1-ton air hoists.

Working environment requirements of this budget air hoist:

1. Please use pneumatic hoists under proper air pressure, the air pressure for the air hoist is 6kgf/cm2.

2. Do not use compressed air or other combustible gases such as oxygen, hydrogen, acetylene, and liquefied petroleum gas, which may cause an explosion.

3. Please use the air pipe connector to connect the air hose to the air hoist, and confirm that the connection is in good condition.

Service/Policy/Warranty or After Sales Service:

1. Technical training arrangement

Guided by online technicians, providing technical support for the buyer in terms of electrical, mechanical, and crane operations.

2. Warranty Service Plan

24-hour service, real-time response to user inquiries.

Execute the contract and product delivery according to the company's requirements, and fulfill the obligation of consulting on product technology and quality issues.

3. Emergency maintenance method

Guide customer operations through email, telephone, video, and other online methods. If necessary, arrange for professional and technical personnel to operate offline.

4. Maintenance Service Standards

During the warranty period, we are responsible for warranty, troubleshooting, and free replacement of parts and accessories that are not caused by improper operation or external reasons. We will be delivered by land, sea, air, and other transportation methods within 2 working days after confirmation.

Replacement of components due to improper operation or damage due to external reasons shall be borne by the buyer.

Precautions when using a trolley-type pneumatic hoists

1. Please fix the workpiece firmly when using pneumatic hoists.

2. Keep hands and pieces away from the rotating part.

3. To avoid unintentional actuation of the air hoist.

4. Do not modify the tool.

5. Parts cannot be disassembled for use.

6. Check the air hoist before use.

7. If any abnormality is found in the process of using this level, it is necessary to entrust inspection and repair immediately.

8. When performing maintenance checkpoints and improving the head tools, if you feel that there is danger, you must stop the air supply and separate the air hose from the air hoist.

9. Do not install the hoist outdoors, unless the working place is outdoors. If you really want to install it outdoors, you should find a place with a shelter for installation, so as to avoid the water entering the parts.

10. When the air hoist is working, there should be no crowds around, because no one can guarantee that there will be no accidents, so even the staff should not stand under the goods, and for the stability of use, It should be inspected every once in a while, and the inspection cycle is generally once a month.


Q: What do you sell at Dejun Hoist?

At Dejun Hoist, we manufacture and produce about 30 different types of lifting equipment, including windlass, mooring winches, positioning winches, lifting winches, pneumatic winches, electric hoists and pneumatic hoists, from small lifting equipment to large cranes, etc.

Trolley Type Pneumatic/Air Hoist

Q: Are your motorized trolley hoists customized? What type of lifting equipment do I need?

Yes, due to the different working environment (temperature, humidity, lifting requirements and lifting weights, etc.), in order to ensure the safety of the use of the product, it is necessary to provide the lifting weight, lifting height and use environment information of the required pneumatic hoist. Since the environment has a great influence on the lifting equipment, please consult us for the specific lifting equipment you need to get more accurate information.

Customized pneumatic hoist

Q: What is the MOQ for this trolley electric hoist?

1 set.

Q: What's your delivery time?

Within 10 days after receiving the advance payment; the specific cycle shall be subject to the specific requirements and the actual cycle.

Q: What services can you provide?

We have a wide range of lifting equipment, including pneumatic hoists, electric hoists, marine winches, lifting winches and other products, so we can provide customized services according to your special needs.

Pre-sale & In-sale:

Set up a project team according to the progress of the project, the members include: project manager, project leader, design engineer, person in charge of product production & packaging & domestic transportation, quality inspection personnel, person in charge of customs declaration & clearance, one-stop service, each link has a dedicated person Responsible, accurate docking, timely service in place.

After sales:

Provide equipment installation instructions, drawings and other materials + online/offline assistance in installation and commissioning until the equipment works normally.

7*24 hours online service, provide solutions within 24 hours after understanding customer problems. 

During the warranty period, due to the damage of equipment parts caused by quality problems, the company immediately sends accessories free of charge through international express.

The team visits the city or country where the customer is located, such as exhibitions, installation, etc., and goes to the customer's factory for free equipment testing and maintenance.

Q: What is the color of the powered trolley hoist?

The standard colors of our air hoists are mainly green, yellow and blue. However, since our products are customized products, non-standard products can be customized according to customer requirements.

Q: My workshop space is limited, is the powered trolley hoist suitable for my workshop?

Of course, there are many types of pneumatic hoists. For the limited workshop space of the workshop environment, in order to improve work efficiency, our company specially designed a low headroom pneumatic hoist to cope with this special environment, please consult us for the price.

Q: Is your equipment certified?

All equipment sent by our company will be packaged and shipped after inspection.

① Company qualification certificate: CE certificate, SGS certificate, ISO certificate, explosion-proof certificate, etc.

② Products: Out of responsibility for the cooperation between us and to provide you with a better product experience, the products produced by our company will be packaged and shipped after inspection.

Q: What are the payment methods?

We accept T/T bank transfer, L/C, PayPal.

For old customers, we can provide more supporting payment terms, such as credit card. 

Q: Are your pneumatic hoists customized?

Yes, the pneumatic hoist is a customized product. Due to the different working conditions (temperature, humidity, product use height, lifting weight, lifting height, etc.), all of our products are customized according to your needs!

Q: What are your main foreign markets?

Our company's trolley type pneumatic hoist is mainly sold in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Zambia, Ethiopia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Pakistan, Morocco, Chile, Uruguay, Australia, Serbia, Maldives, Malaysia, Jordan, Honduras and other countries.

Q: Do you have any other questions?

Dejun Hoist offers over 20 different products, all of which function slightly differently, if you have some questions or need any other answers please contact us.

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