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Pneumatic hoists are one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have in your workplace or on your job site. Also known as air hoists, they operate using air pressure differentials to move the chain or rope attached to the weight that is being lifted, ensuring the safe maneuvering of heavy objects through an up-and-down control pendant. Pneumatic hoists are extremely useful in cases where there needs to be absolute precision and control. 

Pneumatic(Air) Hoists, being smaller and lighter than electric chain hoists of equivalent capacity, perform well under challenging conditions such as extreme temperatures, high humidity, and explosive atmospheres. They eliminate the risk of motor coil burnout, even after prolonged use or inching. Speed adjustments are made by pressing or releasing a pendant-type pushbutton, allowing control over the hoisting and lowering speeds to match the task. Their mechanical brake construction ensures high durability and reliable braking force.

DEJUN is the world's leading manufacturer of pneumatic hoists, crane systems and custom solutions – Made in China. We manufacture a full range of pneumatic materials handling equipment suitable for use in diverse applications including,

● light and heavy industrial

● mining,

● offshore,

● marine,

● construction,

● automotive and foundries

Our range includes industrial air hoists, mining air hoists, ultra low headroom hoists, trolleys hoists, air winches as well as purpose built custom units. All products are designed, developed, manufactured and tested according to National quality standard system and comply with the relevant standards and legislation. No matter your industry or specific safety requirements, our team of experts will guide you through the process and ensure you're purchasing the right model. Contact us if you need pneumatic (air) hoists!

Principle of Pneumatic(Air) Hoist

A pneumatic air hoist features compressed air of which powers the hoist itself. A major benefit of this type of hoist is it's ability to run electricity-free, making it a great hoist to use in more remote environments. A pneumatic hoist can also be self-cooling, and resistant to high temps, making it a suitable tool for a multitude of applications. Air hoist motors are designed for heavy duty use. Air hoists are suitable for lifting loads ranging from 125 KG to 500KG. 

Benefits of DEJUN Pneumatic(Air) Hoists

● Robust Construction - Crafted from high-quality materials, our pneumatic hoist boasts durability and resilience, able to provide consistent performance in demanding industrial environments.

● Precise Control - The pneumatic power system provides precise control over lifting operations. Operators can effortlessly regulate the hoisting speed and positioning, ensuring accurate placement of loads.

● Versatility in Applications - Dejun pneumatic hoist excels in tasks requiring controlled and efficient lifting of heavy loads, making it an indispensable asset in industrial operations.

● Reliable Support and Service - We provide comprehensive support and timely service to ensure continued efficiency and performance.

What sets the air hoist apart is its lightweight nature in comparison to traditional counterparts, offering exceptional portability and maneuverability across varying work sites. Its remarkable lifting speed ensures swift and efficient handling of hefty loads, meeting the demands of high-intensity tasks. As a professional pneumatic hoists manufacturer and supplier,DEJUN offers various pneumatic hoists for you to choose from. Welcome to browse our product pages and Request A Free Hoist Quote!

How to Choose Pneumatic hoists (Air Hoists)

To choose the right air hoist for your lifting operation, you must :

- Know the environment in which the lifting application is being carried out to ensure that the use of an air hoist is suitable.

- Know the maximum useful lifting capacity of the load (MLC)

- Know the desired speed, either 1 speed or 2 speeds

- Determine the useful chain length for your hoist

- Finally, the choice of lifting accessories to accompany your hoist is also necessary to create a suitable lifting solution

We provide all types of pneumatic (air) hoists. If you have any further questions about air hoists, Get in contact with us for all of your pneumatic hoist needs today.

Pneumatic Hoists Manufacturers,Suppliers,Wholesale in China

DEJUN stands tall as one of the most renowned and respected names among Pneumatic Hoists Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Wholesalers in China. As a leading supplier and wholesaler, DEJUN caters to the diverse needs of clients across a spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, construction, logistics, and more. Whether you're looking for a reliable supplier of pneumatic hoists for your business or seeking top-quality products for wholesale distribution, DEJUN is your trusted partner every step of the way. 

After ordering your equipment online, we will provide you with after-sales support so you can get the most out of your new purchase. Along with catalogs, FAQs, glossaries and presentations on the current state of the industry, you'll find video content that demonstrates safe installation techniques, use and maintenance. Contact our friendly team at DEJUN today if you'd like to learn more about our range of pneumatic hoists.

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