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Fixed Type Pneumatic Hoist

The fixed pneumatic chain hoist is a common lifting equipment. Its working principle is to use compressed air as a power source to drive air to drive internal mechanical components to lift heavy objects. It is composed of a lifting mechanism, a traveling mechanism, and a gas distribution system.


The fixed pneumatic chain hoist is a common lifting equipment. Its working principle is to use compressed air as a power source to drive air to drive internal mechanical components to lift heavy objects. It is composed of a lifting mechanism, a traveling mechanism, and a gas distribution system. No sparks are generated and it has the characteristics of overload self-protection. It is the highest level of explosion-proof lifting equipment. It can be combined with explosion-proof hand-pulled or pneumatic trolleys to form mobile pneumatic lifting tools. It is a working-class M3, rated load of 50~32000kg, and a lifting height of 3m or customized.

Fixed Type Pneumatic Hoist Technical Parameters:

Work level: M3

Rated load: 50~32000kg

Lifting height: 3m or custom

Control mode: suspension control

MotorLoad (t)Lifting Height (m)Maximum Lifting Speed(m/min)Maximum Drop Speed(m/min)Wind Pressure(MPa)Maximum Air Consumption(m3/min)Weight(kg)
QDH 0.1D0.10-209120.60.85
QDH 0.2S0.24100.817
QDH 0.25D0.2510141.017
QDH 0.5S0.5571.021
QDH 0.5D0.59151.221
QDH 1.0S1.0581.224
QDH 1.0D1.0581.430
QDH 2.0S2.02.541.436
QDH 2.5D2.5241.850
QDH 3.0S3.0241.836
QDH 3.0D3.0231.635
QDH 5.0S5.011.52.555
QDH 6.0S6.011.32.555

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Fixed Type Pneumatic Hoist Usage Environment:

Suitable for various working environments such as pollution, corrosion, toxic, flammable and explosive. Pneumatic hoists are extremely strong and reliable, suitable for a variety of harsh industrial application environments, and can operate sustainably. Mainly serving the coal mine, chemical fiber, textile, metallurgy, pharmaceutical industry, aerospace, offshore oil platform, shipbuilding and maintenance, chemical industry, and machinery manufacturing industries. Different control systems can be provided according to different needs. Hoisting loads above 25 tons are mostly used in the shipping industry to replace or install rudders and propellers, which can greatly speed up construction and increase efficiency.

The pneumatic hoist can also be used for material handling in various special environments. For example, in a high-temperature environment, the pneumatic hoist can avoid the problem of equipment failure caused by high temperature; In the explosion-proof environment, the pneumatic hoist can be used as an ideal explosion-proof equipment; In a corrosive environment, the metal material of the pneumatic hoist can resist the erosion of corrosive substances to ensure the long-term use of the equipment.

Fixed Type Pneumatic Hoist Usage Features:

1. It has the function of gas cut-off protection, which ensures that the workpiece does not fall in the case of a sudden gas cut-off.

2. With a variety of non-standard fixtures, the pneumatic hoist can realize the lifting of various shapes of the workpiece.

3. Bearing support plane gear transmission system: can be used for full load continuous operation.

4. Resistance to high dust, acid, and alkali, steam.

5. Heavy Duty disc brakes Harrington's patented disc brake mechanism eliminates load drift and ensures fine feathering control.

6. Surface-hardened steel load chain galvanized and blue chrome plated, with corrosion resistance and long-term wear.

7. No electric spark, completely solves the problem of explosion-proof lifting equipment.

8. Lightweight compact body, easy to handle, and transport, and provide extra high headroom.

9. Hook and latch system galvanized and blue chrome, 360-degree rotation.

10. No lubrication. The pneumatic hoist is suitable for applications that require a clean environment. Gourds can be run completely dry, without lubrication in the exhaust, and are commonly used in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. (Note: The crane can also use oil to extend the life of the blade.)

9. Blade motor, allowing smooth operation and controlled driving.

10. Limit switch, the upper/lower limit switch is the standard of well protection, protecting the hoist from topping.

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All products of Dejun Company have passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, and some products have American Petroleum Institute API certification, Mining Product Safety Mark Certification MA (KA), China Classification Society (CCS), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certification ) has EU CE certification, SGS certification, etc.

The difference between pneumatic hoist and electric hoist:

Contentpneumatic hoistelectric hoist
Power0.6Mpa compressed air220V-440V voltage
Operating SpeedAdjustable and fast (4 times that of electric)Not adjustable, slow
SecureNo sparks and electric shockLeakage, sparks, easy electric shock
StructurePneumatic motors are simpler and smallerElectric motors are large, heavy and require many parts to prevent sparks
PipingNo cables required, simple air pipe connection, no need for professionals to operateIt requires professionals to arrange it, which is cumbersome.
High-temperature OperationCan work normally above 60 degreesAbnormal operation may occur at high temperatures
WeightLight, the weight is only 1/3~1/8 of the same size electric hoist.heavier
MaintainNo professional training requiredRequires professional maintenance
LifeThe parts are processed with high precision, so they are suitable for frequent work and have a long service life.Electric motors have low efficiency, many parts are prone to wear and tear, and their lifespan is relatively short.

Fixed Type Pneumatic Hoist

Matters needing attention

1. Pipe configuration precautions:

① The distance between air compression and the workplace should be shortened as far as possible, considering whether the pipeline drainage is smooth or not.

② The main pipeline forms a network to facilitate maintenance and tracking of leak locations.

③ The shorter the pipeline in the work area, the better, forming a ring piping to reduce pressure drop.

2. Air pressure:

① The best air pressure for the work of the fixed pneumatic chain hoist is 0.6MPa (6kgf/cm2), the ability of the tool is reduced if the pressure is too low, and the pressure is too high, which can lead to accidents or failures.

② Air consumption and air compressor energy: To make the pneumatic hoist work, a certain amount of compressed air is necessary. The air consumption of 0.1m3 /min must be 0.75KW air compressor.

3. Precautions for safe use:

① Before using the air hoist, please read the operating instructions carefully to ensure the safety of use.

② Before use, check whether the tool is abnormal, whether the air pressure is normal, and whether the pipe winding situation.

③ When operating a pneumatic hoist, repairing a pneumatic hoist, or replacing accessories, please always wear impact-resistant eye masks and masks (face protection equipment). When not working, please turn off the air source first, and unplug the tool and air source joint.

④ Please keep a distance from the rotating axis and accessories, do not wear jewelry and fat clothes to use tools, and tie up long hair, scarves, ties, and other easily twisted things.

⑤ When operating, please wear labor protection devices and clothing.

⑥ Please do not point the air outlet at yourself or others.

4. Maintenance:

① The air source supplied to the fixed air chain hoist must be processed to ensure clean and dry.

② Please use an oil injector to lubricate the pneumatic hoist and adjust the flow rate to 2 drops per minute. If you do not use an oil injector, you must inject 3-4 drops of lubricating oil from the pipe joint every day. Do not use engine oil with high viscosity, which will cause the pneumatic hoist to rotate abnormally.

③ Do not throw or hit the pneumatic hoist.


Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?

We are a factory and can provide OEM and ODM services.

Q: What is your MOQ?

1 set.

Q: Can this type work in hazardous environments?

Certainly! This fixed pneumatic chain hoist is the highest level of explosion-proof lifting equipment. Suitable for various working environments such as pollution, corrosion, toxic, flammable, explosive, etc.

Q: What should I consider when buying from you?

When purchasing lifting equipment, you should consider standard items, including lifting weight, lifting height, voltage, lifting materials, usage environment and other information.

Since the environment has a great impact on lifting equipment, please consult us to get more accurate information about which lifting equipment you need.

Q: What is your warranty period? What should I do if I encounter after-sales problems?

The warranty period is within 12 months from the date your crane is accepted.

If you encounter after-sales problems, please contact us through the contact form, phone or email as soon as possible. We will provide you with a solution within 24 hours. The specific after-sales content is as follows:

① The warranty period is 1 year. If the equipment parts are damaged due to quality problems during the warranty period, the company will immediately send the accessories free of charge through international express delivery;

② 7*24 hours online service, providing solutions within 24 hours after understanding customer problems;

③ If the team visits all cities or countries of the customer, such as exhibitions, installations, etc., the team will go to the customer's factory for equipment testing and maintenance free of charge.

Q: Can I customize the product? Is there any additional charge?

Our products are all customized and do not require additional payment;

Our company provides free drawing design solutions + customized services; free installation and testing services; free common troubleshooting methods and machine lubrication range tables, etc.;

If you need other services, please contact us;

Q: What is your delivery time? If we are in urgent need, can you deliver the goods as soon as possible?

The general delivery time is within 10 days after receiving the advance payment; the exact period should be based on the detailed requirements and actual deadline;

If you urgently need the product, please explain the time with us before placing the order. After confirming the parameters and signing the order, we will give priority to urgent orders to meet your needs;

Q: What areas do you serve?

We have provided services to more than 60 countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Zambia, Ethiopia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Mexico, Brazil , Peru, Pakistan, Morocco, Chile, Uruguay, Australia, Serbia, Maldives, Malaysia, Jordan, Honduras and other countries.

Q: How do I pay?

We accept various payment methods, T/T (wire transfer), L/C (Letter of credit), Collection (collection), D/P (Documents against payment), Western Union, etc.

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