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Low Headroom Chain Hoist

Looking for a reliable low headroom chain hoist for sale? DEJUN is your trusted low headroom chain hoist supplier, manufacturer, and factory. Our custom low headroom chain hoists are engineered to provide efficient lifting solutions for various industries.

Opt for the best when it comes to your material handling needs. Choose DEJUN for a reliable and efficient low headroom chain hoist experience. Get in touch today and take the first step towards optimizing your space!


Low Headroom Chain Hoist, also known as ultra-low hoist, low building electric hoist, has a unique structure in shortens the distance between the body and the beam track, mainly used for narrow and limited working space occasions.

Low headroom chain electric hoist is a combination of two sports cars and an electric main engine and has a very low headroom size, which can obtain a certain lift height in a limited space. Lifting weight 0.3-32 tons, lifting height 3-120 meters, suitable for use in workplaces with low plant height and strict requirements for lifting height, especially suitable for temporary plants or places in which effective lifting space needs to be expanded.

Are you working in a space with limited vertical clearance? DEJUN, a leading name in the material handling industry, offers a range of low headroom chain hoists engineered to provide efficient lifting in confined spaces. Whether you're looking for a single unit or planning a large-scale purchase, we have you covered! Contact us today to learn more about our low headroom chain hoists and how we can help optimize your lifting operations. 

Low Headroom Chain Hoist Parameter:

Working Class
Lifting Heightm3~30
Lifting Speedm/min0.25-21,Single or Dual Speed
Travelling Speedm/min11~21,Single or Dual Speed
Power Supply
380V 50HZ 3Phase or Customized
Control Method
Pendent/Remote Control
Protection Grade

Custom Low Headroom Chain Hoist

Low Headroom Chain Hoist Composition:

Motor shell: The aluminum alloy, shell is equipped with a special heat sink, which can help the motor quickly heat dissipation, heat dissipation performance is 40% higher than ordinary steel shell.

Brake: Low headroom chain electric hoist with double brakes, motor brakes, and mechanical brakes, this design makes the low clearance chain electric hoist brake more accurate and safer.

Limit switch: Low headroom chain hoist all specifications are equipped with upper and lower limit safety devices (power off limit) to ensure safer lifting and falling.

Lifting chain: 80-grade alloy lifting ring chain, surface carbon black treatment, with 4 times the breaking coefficient.

Upper hook and lower hook: both the upper hook and the lower hook are made by the die forging process, and the breaking force is 4 times. The lower hook can be rotated 360 degrees.

Reverse phase protection: When installing the line, if the line is connected incorrectly, the motor and electrical appliances will not operate.

Protection level: IP54 dustproof, waterproof level.

Insulation class: F class.

Low Headroom Chain Hoist Details:

1. Two-speed: The more cost-effective option is to go with a single-speed, but most users prefer two-speed control for all motion functions. This makes it possible to place the load slowly at a slower speed and perform normal operations at a faster speed.

2. Chain container: This is a collection box or bag, used to collect excess slack load chain and protect it from damaging the load when it is released from the hoist body while lifting the load. It is always recommended that you add a loose chain collector, this is a cheap but effective option.

3. Limit switch: upper and lower limit switches are available as standard on some cranes. Upper and lower limit switches allow users to set extremely precise positions for maximum and minimum hook paths, to ensure that the user does not accidentally raise or lower the load too far and cause damage to something unintentionally. Usually used to avoid large load damage to the gourd body.

4. Radio remote control: As an alternative to wired suspension control, Buyers of chain hoists can specify a radio control system that enables the user to stand at a safe, long distance from the load,

This has many additional advantages, For example, the operator can view the load from a better Angle, maintain a safer distance from the load, and have better flexibility when operating the electric chain hoist.

Low Headroom Chain Hoist for sale

As a trusted low headroom chain hoist supplier, DEJUN is dedicated to delivering superior products to clients across the globe. When it comes to low headroom chain hoist wholesale, DEJUN is your one-stop solution. Our competitive pricing and high-quality products make us the preferred choice for lifting equipment needs across industries.

DEJUN offers a wide range of customization options for our low headroom chain hoists. From different lifting capacities to unique specifications, we can tailor our hoists to meet your specific requirements and applications. Whether you need a specific load capacity, a tailored lifting height, or a customized control system, we can create a hoist that meets your exact specifications.

Whatever your needs, DEJUN can take care of the complete program of lifting equipment needed on board for your vessel or platform. We can guide you through the whole process; Engineering from scratch to the delivery of a complete installation, all according to your specific demands and specifications.

Just fill up the contact form below for your inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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Compared to ordinary electric hoists

It has an ultra-low headroom size, the distance between the upper and lower hooks is lower than that of ordinary electric hoists, and the hook can rise below the track, shorten the distance between the body and the beam track, significantly improve the lifting height, therefore, it is suitable for use in workplaces with strict lifting height requirements such as low workshops.

It consists of an electric motor, a transmission mechanism, and a sprocket, can be installed on the I-beam for use, it can also be installed on single and double-beam cranes, cantilever cranes, gantry frames, for the installation and maintenance of mechanical molds, suitable for workshops, warehouses, wind power generation, logistics, port, construction, machinery manufacturing, and other places.

Low clearance chain electric hoist is a lifting tool specially designed for low factory buildings, it is mainly used when the working space is narrow and limited. DEJUN low headroom chain hoists are designed with compact dimensions, making them ideal for applications with limited space overhead. Whether you need to lift heavy loads in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, or construction sites, our low headroom chain hoists deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

As a leading low headroom chain hoist manufacturer, we prioritize quality and durability in our products. Our hoists are built to withstand rigorous use and harsh working conditions, ensuring long-term reliability and safety for your lifting operations. Contact us now to discuss your low headroom chain hoist requirements and let us provide the perfect lifting solution for your business.

Problems to pay attention to in use

1. Overload use. Overloading is a serious problem, each low headroom chain hoist has a certain bearing force, and exceeding the limit will bend the chain, deform the motor, and so on, it will inevitably bring many hidden dangers.

2. It is not used according to the rated voltage. For example, the rated voltage of the low headroom chain hoist is 380v, however, some users use it in a 220v power supply environment. It causes voltage instability and burns the motor.

3. Pull down the low headroom chain hoist diagonally during lifting, electric hoists generally need to be lifted vertically, do not pull diagonally, diagonally pulling will increase the weight of the electric hoist, resulting in overload.

Low Headroom Chain Hoist

Ready to maximize your space with DEJUN's low headroom chain hoists? Our team of experts is on standby to assist you. Whether you have questions about our products or need guidance on choosing the right hoist for your application, we're here to help. Contact us now and let's discuss how we can support your operations!


Q: What is the minimum order quantity for low-headroom electric chain hoist?

1 set.

Q: How long will I receive the goods after I pay?

Under normal circumstances, we will arrange the production and delivery within 7 days after receiving the advance payment. The exact time limit shall be subject to the actual situation.

If you have specific requirements for the delivery time of the order, please let us know clearly before confirming the parameters and signing the order, we will give priority to urgent orders to meet your needs;

How long it takes to receive the goods depends on the quantity of the product and the delivery address. For specific estimates, please provide details so that we can cite the most cost-effective option.

Q: Can I contact you outside of working hours?

Of course you can. If you have an emergency that cannot be resolved, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the best solution within 24 hours.

Q: How to guarantee the quality of your low-headroom electric chain hoists?

All of our processes are in strict compliance with ISO-9001 procedures, including material traceability, ISO WPQR and welder certificates, calibration of measuring equipment, non-destructive testing of welds, and full assembly and load testing prior to delivery.

Q: How can I lodge a complaint if I am not satisfied with your service or if the product problem cannot be solved?

If you are not satisfied with our service, you can fill in the contact us form on this website, we will contact you as soon as possible.

If there is a problem with your product, please contact us by email, phone, WhatsApp, etc. Our company has a complete after-sales system, which will certainly solve the product problems you face.

After-sales: Our warranty period is one year, during the warranty period, if parts have problems (under the premise of correct operation by the buyer), we will provide new parts for free the first time;

However, if the buyer does not operate according to the regulations, resulting in damage to the machine or parts, we will assist to provide relevant solutions at the buyer's expense.

We always do our best to ensure that you are satisfied with our products and services, but if you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us so that we can help resolve the issue.

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept T/T bank transfers, L/C, and PayPal. For regular customers, we can support more payment terms.

Q: How do I get the price of this product?

Please provide the following parameters (the following parameters will affect the price) to obtain the price of low headroom chain hoist,

Lifting weight - the weight of the item you want to lift;

Lifting height - we need to know this in order to work out the length of the chain and the cost of any additional chains required;

Power supply voltage - we need to know this in order to give you a price, as this is the voltage at which your crane will operate;

Work efficiency - the number of lifts per hour (or the amount of work required) this helps us to ensure that we provide you with the best fit for your electric chain hoist;

Lift speed - lift and travel speed (if known) - we will usually provide you with a speed to consider.

Q: What do you need to pay attention to in the first use of a low-headroom chain electric hoist?

① Low Headroom Chain Hoist For the first time, you need to connect three fire lines, if the low headroom hoist does not react or does not start is also a normal phenomenon, because the low headroom chain hoist has phase sequence protection, if the phase sequence is not correct, it is not started, and any two of the three fire wires need to be switched and reconnected.

② The Low Headroom Chain Hoist comes with a limit, when the goods rise to the top, the power is automatically cut off, but it does not play a full control role. If a long time will cause the limit failure, the low headroom hoists is also easy to break. Therefore, the operation should pay attention to the top, to avoid a long time or multiple bumping limits.

③ The Low Headroom Chain Hoist has been added to the oil before the factory, the first use does not need to be refilled, and a small bottle of oil is chain oil, brush is on the chain when used. Low Headroom Chain Hoists are generally used for five months before refueling. 

④ The chain tail as long as it naturally falls in the chain bag, otherwise it may jam the limit and even break the gearbox.

⑤ Running specifications for the first installation, the body will tilt when unloaded, which is a normal phenomenon, rest assured to use.

If you would like any information about low-headroom chain hoists, or need the latest production progress information, please contact us.

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