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JM Electronically Controlled Slow Winch

JM series electric winch is low speed with big lifting capacity, JM Series electric winches are used to lift and move heavy loads, such as vehicles, containers, or equipment. They are typically powered by an electric motor and feature a brake system to ensure safe and efficient operation. These winches can be used in a variety of applications, including construction sites, automobile salvage yards, and factories.


The electric winch includes the JK fast winch and JM slow winch, which can only be used on the ground. It is powered by a motor, driven by an elastic coupling, a three-stage closed gear reducer, a jaw coupling, and an electromagnetic brake. The price of low speed winch is very competitive compared to a high speed electric winch.

JM winch refers to a type of winch that is commonly used in various industries for lifting and pulling applications. It is known for its robust construction and reliability, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks. JM winches are often utilized in construction, mining, marine, and offshore operations due to their strength and efficiency. These winches are designed to provide powerful and controlled lifting and pulling capabilities, making them essential equipment in many industrial settings.

This winch's name is from Chinese Pinyin, JM=卷扬慢速, which means “low-speed winch”.The letter J means winch, and the letter M means slow. Together this model means a low-speed winch.

Relevant Parameter

Our winch machine is built with high quality components, which delivers reliable and durable performance for your lifting, pulling and positioning applications. It is meant for accurate positioning and stable movement in a variety of situations. Our electric winch can also be custom designed and built to match your special requirements.

Certification: CE Certificate, SGS Certificate, ISO certificate, etc.

Rated load (KN): 10-80

Rated speed (m/min): 9.5-15

Melt rope (m): 100-350

Rope diameter (mm): 9.3-26

Rope diameter (mm): 9.3-26

Work level: M3-M5

Ambient temperature: -25-60℃

TypeRated load(KN)Nominal velocity(m/min)Amount of fused rope(m)Rope diameter(mm)Motor typeMotor powerSize(mm)Total weight(kg)

Custom JM Winch Option:

We can customize various winches according to your requirements, so don't worry about your needs, just tell us your needs and we can design and manufacture your winch according to your needs.

① Work level: Work level can be selected M3, M4, or M5, if you need a higher level, please consult us for customization.

② Rope capacity: Rope capacity must be customized according to customer needs - rope capacity is affected by many factors such as drum, conditions of use, and rope, which directly affects the application range and efficiency of the hoist.

③ Motor: The protection grade of the motor, minimum IP54, maximum IP65, allowed to be used in the external environment; Insulation grades from F to H are selected according to the working environment used by the winch.

④ Voltage: The electric lifting winch voltage can be customized according to customer requirements. For example, 110V/220V/230V/380V/440V

⑤ Mode of operation: The mode of operation can be selected according to customer requirements. The mode of operation is mainly a wireless remote control and wired operation handle with a button, but the cab can also be equipped according to the customer's personal operation needs.

Our slow speed winch price is very competitive compared to other winch providers since we are not only a winch supplier but an experienced manufacturer. Each of our products is built with reasonable cost and quality materials. Our winches are meant for the utmost efficiency, safety and productivity of your project operations so as to create the maximum value for your personal business. Therefore, it’s time to invest in a winch that performs your task in hand efficiently. Want to get the latest winch price? fill in the contact form and tell us your winch requirements now!

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Product Composition

The electric lifting winch is composed of a motor, a coupling, a brake, a reducer, a gearbox, and a drum, which are jointly installed on the frame. For busy environments such as lifting height and loading volume, The speed regulation performance of the winch must be good, especially when the hook is empty, it can drop quickly; When the installation is in place or the lifting items are sensitive materials, the winch is required to be able to drop at a micro speed to ensure the lifting safety of the materials.

JM Type Low Speed Electric Winch Application

JM winch is a gears reducer driving, mainly used for lifting, pulling, and dragging heavy cargo. Such as: Installing and removing the large concrete steel structure and mechanical equipment and apply to civil construction and installation projects.

The electronically controlled slow winch is mainly used for the installation and disassembly of oversized concrete, steel structures, and mechanical equipment. Widely used in lifting, road and bridge, installation, and other industries, it is mainly used for material lifting or flat towing in construction, mines, docks, etc. Speed Electric Control Winch can also be used separately in construction sites, factories and mining enterprises, transportation warehouses and docks, etc. Such as various large and medium-sized concrete, steel structures, and mechanical equipment installation and disassembly.

Electronic control slow large tonnage hoist is suitable for all kinds of Bridges, ports, wharves, and other road and bridge engineering construction and large factories and mines, and power engineering equipment installation, Slow Electric Winch is mainly used for long-distance traction and large-stroke lifting of various large and extra-large concrete, steel structures and steel cables.

We offer an array of electric winches ranging from slow-speed light duty winches to high-speed heavy duty winches. Therefore, at Dejun, you can always find a winch that works perfectly for your goals. If you cannot determine which form and size of winch is proper for your applications, contact us online and discuss your lifting and pulling requirements with one of our experts.

Why Choose Dejun Winch?

Dejun has over 10 years of experience in the winch industry and aims to solve all sorts of lifting and pulling applications for our clients. We offer a wide range of winch products to serve your needs, including electric winches, hydraulic winches, construction winches, mine winches, marine winches, boat winches, anchor winches, mooring winches and capstan. Here are some top reasons why you should choose us:

● All of our winch machines are made of high quality materials and components so that they can provide you with excellent reliability and durability. In addition, we have introduced several state of art processing facilities in our factory to ensure precision machining.

● Our winch equipment is with flexible design. We also offer customized solutions to your requirements.

● The price of the winch supplied by our company is very competitive.

● We offer a range of winch services incorporating design, fabrication, delivery, installation, testing and maintenance.

● With our experienced technical team, we can design every aspect of the winch on your requests and solve the most challenging applications.

To get a free slow speed winch quotation, contact our sales team online today!

JM Type Low Speed Electric Winch Features

1. Slow speed,
2. Steadily working
3. Heavy duty, Safety and reasonable price
4. High strength component,
5. Durable and Reliable

How do I choose the right winch for my needs?

Choosing the right winch depends on several factors. Here are some key considerations:

1. Purpose: Determine what you will be using the winch for. Will it need to lift a load, move it horizontally, or on an inclined plane?

2. Industry: The sector in which the winch will be used can influence your choice. Winches are used in various industries, such as maritime, automotive, construction, and more.

3. Vehicle Type: If you’re choosing a winch for a vehicle, consider the vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). A common rule is to take the GVWR and multiply it by 1.5. For example, if a vehicle’s GVWR is 5,000 lbs, an appropriately sized winch capacity would be 7,500 lbs.

4. Winch Capacity: The winch should be able to pull the desired pounds without getting damaged. It’s recommended to go for a winch with a higher capacity than your minimum requirement

5. Rope Type: Winches come with either wire or synthetic rope. Wire rope is durable and resilient, but can develop burrs over time and rust if not maintained correctly. Synthetic rope is lighter and safer but requires more care and is more susceptible to wear and tear

6. Travel Distance: Consider the distance the load needs to travel

Remember, it's always a good idea to consult with a professional or the winch manufacturer to ensure you’re choosing the right winch for your specific needs. Safety should always be your top priority. Contact us now.

How to Extend JM Winch Service Life:

● Inspect your winch before and after each use. If the wire rope has become damaged, frayed or kinked, it’s important to replace it right away.

● Keep the winch, wire rope and remote control clean. If necessary, unwind the winch completely, and use a clean rag to remove any dirt and debris.

● When using a vehicle-mounted winch, be sure to check and maintain your vehicle battery and its cables. Operating the winch for long periods of time puts extra strain on the battery.

● Ensure your winch remains in proper working condition through regular maintenance. Conduct routine load testing to ensure you know just how much weight the machine can handle.

● Regularly inspect your winch, and lubricate according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Precautions for use

1. The wire rope on the winch drum should be arranged neatly. If overlapping and oblique winding are found, the machine should be stopped and rearranged.

2. Do not pull or step on the wire rope with your hands or feet during rotation.

3. During the lifting process, the wire rope on the drum should not be completely released, and at least three circles should be retained.

4. The wire rope shall not be knotted or twisted and should be replaced when the broken line exceeds 10% within a pitch.

5. During the use of the wire rope, local damage caused by mechanical wear and spontaneous combustion corrosion cannot be avoided. Protective oil should be applied at intervals.

6. When resting, the lifting winch or cage should be lowered to the ground.

7. In case of power failure during operation, the power supply of the winch should be cut off immediately and the elevator should be lowered to the ground.

8. After completion of the operation, the material tray should be placed on the ground and the electric box should be locked.

9. In the process of use, attention should be paid to avoid knotting, compression, arc injury, and erosion of chemical media.

10. The electric lifting winch shall not directly lift high-temperature objects, and the objects with edges and corners shall be protected with plates.


Q: What information should we provide in order to get an accurate quote and the best design?

① Pulling force;

② Speed;

③ rope capacity;

④ Horizontal pull, vertical pull, or slope pull;

⑤ Use the environment and so on;

Q: How many operations can I choose?

Wireless remote control and wired handle with buttons, however, it can also be equipped with a cab according to the customer's personal operation needs.

Q: Can you quote the price of spare parts for the electric winch?

Yes, as a winch manufacturer, we can provide you with relevant spare parts such as motors, cranes, reels, etc.

Q: Can the electric lifting winch be tilted?

Yes, our electric winch can be pulled horizontally, tilted, and lifted vertically.

Q: My request is very special, can you customize an electric winch for me?

Yes, our company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in mechanical research and development and manufacturing, we can design and customize according to your requirements.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity of this jm series electric control slow speed?

A set;

Q: How long does your delivery time take? If we need it urgently, can you make delivery as soon as possible?

Within 10/25/40 days after receipt of the advance payment; the exact period should be based on detailed requirements;

After we confirm the parameters and sign the order, we will give priority to urgent orders to meet your needs;

Q: JM Slow Speed Electric Winch After-sales service

① The warranty period is 1 year. During the warranty period, due to the damage to equipment parts caused by quality problems, the company will send spare parts free of charge by international express.

② 7*24 hours online service. After understanding customer problems, provide solutions within 24 hours;

③ Installation and testing: Provide equipment installation instructions, drawings, and other materials + online/offline assistance in installation, and commissioning, until the equipment works normally;

④ Repair and maintenance: Provide common faults and treatment methods and machine lubrication scope table, if the team visits all the cities or countries of the customer, such as exhibitions, installation, etc., will be free to the customer's factory for equipment testing and maintenance.

Q: Which countries do you serve?

Dejun Crane has independent import and export qualifications. At present, the export countries are Mexico, Brazil, Peru, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Zambia, Ethiopia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Bangladesh and so on.

Q: When the crane fails, can timely provide technical support or spare parts?

Our company provides free online technical support 24 hours a day;

If the customer is unable to work according to our online technical guidance, we can arrange for our engineers to come to your factory.

During the warranty period, for the parts damaged by accident, our company will send them to you by international express (free of charge); during the warranty period, we will charge them at the cost price.

Q: How do I pay?

We accept T/T bank transfers, L/C, PayPal, and Alibaba Pay.

For regular customers, we can provide more supportive payment terms, such as credit cards.

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