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JK electrically controlled fast winch

Electrically controlled fast winch, hoisting equipment used to wind steel wire rope or chain to lift or pull heavy objects, also known as winch. It can lift vertically, horizontally, or tilt heavy objects, can be used alone, or can be used as a component of lifting, road construction, and mine lifting machinery.


Product Introduction:

Electrically controlled fast winch, hoisting equipment used to wind steel wire rope or chain to lift or pull heavy objects, also known as winch. It can lift vertically, horizontally, or tilt heavy objects, can be used alone, or can be used as a component of lifting, road construction, and mine lifting machinery. It is widely used because of its simple operation, a large amount of rope winding, and convenient relocation.

JK electrically controlled high speed electric winch is a single barrel high speed electric lifting winch, the rated speed of the steel wire rope on the drum is about 30m/min. Because of its electromagnetic brake braking, also known as an electronically controlled winch. It is mainly composed of a motor, reducer, brake, drum, and frame. The rated load is 5-100t, the rated speed is 22-30m/min, and the melting rope is 7.7-30mm.

This series of winches is divided into two kinds: single-drum fast and single-drum speed regulation. The high speed winch uses a single-speed motor, and the speed-regulating winch uses a variable pole multi-speed motor. Can be customized according to customer requirements.

JK-type winch is mainly used for material lifting in construction, moving heavy objects, and lifting on the crane as the main lifting machine, which is a special lifting machine for derrick, gantry frame, and lifting trolley. It is suitable for construction, mining lifting and factory civil construction engineering and small equipment installation, used in construction, water conservancy engineering, forestry, mining, wharf and other materials lifting or flat towing.

Product Features:

1. The speed is controlled by the motor, and the lifting speed is relatively fast.

2. In the case of high lifting height, large load, and frequent work, the speed regulation performance is good, which can make the no-load hook fall quickly.

3. The shaft sleeve made of new wear-resistant material ensures that the roller part is not easy to deform and get stuck.

4. Low failure rate, and easy maintenance.

Product Specification

Rated pulling force: The current standard series from 1-100KN has 10 rated pulling force specifications, which can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers;

Working speed: that is, the speed of the reel involved in the wire rope, the rated speed of the wire rope on the reel is about 30m/min;

Rope capacity: that is, the length of the rope that the drum of the hoist can be involved in, which is determined by the specific length of the customer's working condition;

Model numberRated load(KN)Rated speed( m/min)Rope capacity(m)Rope diameter(mm)Motor typeVoltage(KN)dimension(mm)weight(kg)

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Product composition:

Electronic control winch by the frame, reducer, elastic coupling, brake, drum, motor and electrical equipment, and other components, using electromagnetic brake, automatic braking, safe and reliable.

Reducer: used to convert the rotational force of the motor into the input force of the drum, generally using a two-stage drive involute cylindrical gear reducer.

Brake device: used to control the rotation of the drum and the tightness of the wire rope to ensure the safe operation of the hoisting winch.

Drum: used for winding steel wire rope, conveying ore, minerals, etc.

Electrical equipment: Used to control various operations of the hoist, including winding, braking, deceleration, and depth indication.

Safety protection device: Used to protect the operator and equipment in case of winch failure.

Use site

JK series electric lifting winch is mainly used for material lifting in construction, moving heavy objects, and lifting on cranes as the main hoisting machine, and special hoisting machines for derrick, gantry, and lifting trolleys. Suitable for construction, mining lifting factory civil construction engineering, and small equipment installation.

Product advantage

1. Thickened drum, the whole shell grade is IP55 (can be customized according to customer needs), allowing use in the external environment.

2. The motor insulation grade is F, and the protection grade is IP54 or higher.

3. The service life of a sufficient solid copper motor can reach 1 million times. The high level of protection supports two-speed operation and provides powerful power.

4. An electric fast winch has a variety of uses and can be lifted vertically, horizontally, or inclined to pull heavy objects.

5. Four-axis hole three-speed gearbox rotation, with safety protection device, high safety, high precision.

How it works:

When the motor is started, the power is decelerated by the coupling through the reducer and drives the drum to rotate. When the motor stops, the electromagnetic brake also brakes synchronously to stop the drum. The positive and negative rotation of the drum should also follow the rotation direction of the motor, so the object should also rely on the motor to rotate, and cannot be reduced by its own weight, affecting the speed of decline.

Due to the use of a closed speed reducer and electromagnetic brake, the operation only needs hand-held button switch control, low labor intensity, stable and reliable work, and is very widely used in building construction models.

JKL manual slide high speed winch

Product Introduction:

JKL series manual slide winch is a device that is driven by manpower or mechanical power and winds the rope to complete the traction work.

It is mainly used for the vertical lifting of heavy objects in construction sites, factories and mines, ports, and other projects, especially for free-fall punching and piling operations in Bridges, wharves, and building foundation projects. Its structure is characterized by spindle rotation (commonly known as a rotating shaft).

JKL series manually controlled electric double drum pile winch can be used to store the wire rope in one drum, and the other drum can be used for pile driving, which is the best pile winch.

It is powered by a motor, elastic coupling, a three-stage closed gear reduction box, a toothed coupling drive drum, and electromagnetic braking. The product has high versatility, compact structure, small size, lightweight, heavy lifting, easy to use and transfer, and is widely used in a lifting or flat towing of materials, and can also be used as supporting equipment of modern electronic control automatic operation line.

It consists of a motor, coupling, brake, gearbox, and reel, which are jointly mounted on the frame. For the lifting height and loading and unloading of large work frequently, the speed regulation performance is good, which can make the hook quickly fall. Low speed for installed or sensitive materials.

Technical parameter:

JKL series manual pile driving winch technical parameters
Model numberRated tension(KN)Average rope speed(m/min)Amount of fused rope(m)Wire rope diameter (mm)Motor typeMotor power (KW)Overall dimensionweight (kg)

2JKL series manual control double drum pile winch technical parameters
Model numberRated load(KN)Rated speed(m/min)Rope capacity(m)Rope diameter(mm)Motor typeMotor power(kw)Overall dimensionMachine weight(kg)

JK-D frame hoist

Product Introduction:

JK-D type electric winch is installed on the frame, is a new type of mechanical and electrical integration hoist, with a drum winding steel wire rope or chain to lift or pull heavy weights light small lifting equipment, can lift vertically, horizontally or inclined to pull heavy weights. JKD electric hoist is a transmission device with a small tooth difference, which is the only ideal replacement product for the replacement of traditional winches.

It is a small size, lightweight, heavy, flexible operation, safe and reliable, durable electric crane. It is used to lift and hoist building materials, components, and equipment during construction and installation. It can also be used in mines, docks, Bridges, warehouses, and other long-term goods. JK-D's new electric drum winch is equipped with construction lifts, gantry-type, and derrick-type hoists driven by wire rope. The overload limiter, upper and lower-level devices, and other safety devices on this equipment are connected to the circuit in the control box of the hoist. It can meet the requirements of the national standard GB10055-1996 construction lift safety rules and the national industry standard JGJ88-92 gantry frame and derrick material hoist safety technical specification.

Main features:

1. Durable and reliable, long service life. The main parts are made of high-quality steel, the casting is made of ductile iron, and the transmission parts are heat-treated with sufficient lubrication and smooth operation. All rotating mechanisms are sealed, sand and dust cannot invade, and Parts are not easy to wear, long service life, saving maintenance costs.

2. Safe and reliable braking performance. The new ZD series conical rotor brake motor is selected, and the motor is equipped with a brake device, with large starting torque and reliable braking. When powered on, the brake opens by itself, and when powered off, the brake closes by itself to achieve safety and reliability.

3. Smooth operation, low noise.

The use of a small tooth difference planetary transmission device, different from the general power transmission mechanism, the operation is very uniform and smooth. In addition, the transmission gear, fixed pin disc, eccentric shaft and so on through static and dynamic balance correction, reduce vibration, reduce noise, and improve the working environment.

4. Easy to use, and easy to maintain.

Push-button operation, safe and light. There are two kinds of operating devices for the user to choose from, generally using the driver sitting in the chair operation, if the site conditions do not allow, you can also use the operation button to move the operation. The whole machine transmission system is sealed, so the lubrication system is not polluted, only needs to be filled with lubricating oil regularly, check the fastening of the connection bolts, and reduce daily maintenance operations.

Product parameters:

Model numberRated load(KN)Amount of fused rope(m)Rope diameter(mm)Motor power(KW)dimension(mm)weight(KG)
JK 0.75D7.51009.33900*340*400165
JK 1D1020011
JK 1.25D12.5120117.51140*400*450315
JK 1.60D1616012.57.51200*400*480350
JK 2.0D2019013131400*470*548510
JK 3.2D3225017.5

Use requirements

1. Rope capacity check: The nameplate of each hoist is marked with the rope capacity of a certain diameter wire rope, which must be paid attention to when selecting: If the diameter of the wire rope actually used is different from the diameter indicated on the nameplate, the rope capacity must be checked.

2. Before installing the hoist, determine the installation position according to the specific working conditions. According to the traction force and installation position of the hoist, add heavy objects or bury ground anchors at the rear of the frame to avoid heavy objects dragging the hoist during work.

3. Before the electric lifting winch is used, it is necessary to carefully check whether the components and bolts are fastened, whether the steel wire rope is firmly connected, the lubrication of each part, and set and connect the ground wire. Then carry out no-load test, positive and negative running test, each shall not be less than 15 minutes, pay attention to check whether each transmission component has impact vibration phenomenon; Whether the brake is sensitive and reliable, the slide of the wire rope during braking shall not exceed 300mm, such as the slide is too large, should be adjusted in time. After confirming that the machine is in normal condition, it can be put into formal operation.

4. In the use of the winch, at least three rings should be retained on the drum when the wire rope is released to prevent pulling off the rope head pressure plate, the traction direction of the wire rope should be at a right angle to the axial direction of the drum, and cannot be tilted, otherwise, it is easy to make the wire rope around and slip.

5. When the machine is running, it cannot be cleaned and refueled, and it is strictly prohibited to run under a fixed load. When the machine is found to be abnormal, especially if the brake is not working, it should be stopped for maintenance or adjustment. Remove hidden dangers and faults to ensure safety.

6. When the heavy object is lifted to the required height, two parallel bumpers should be inserted under the lifting plate to make the lifting plate fall smoothly on the bumper.

7. It is strictly prohibited to step on the brake to prevent the brake wheel from breaking off the brake and causing a major accident.

Winch maintenance and maintenance

In order to extend the service life of the electric lifting winch, and to ensure its safety, we should do as much as possible to maintain it. So what are the specific maintenance requirements for it?

1. Maintenance time: for long-term storage of unused electric winches, you can appropriately extend its maintenance cycle, but to do maintenance records; for frequent use, it should be regularly maintained, especially after each use, to be maintained.

2. Storage environment: After the inspection and maintenance is completed, the electric hoist should be placed in a cool and dry environment without corrosive gases for storage.

3. Check the content: whether the line in the motor has an aging phenomenon; whether the wire rope is worn, fractured, or broken wire situation; whether the hook has deformation, crack, or corrosion phenomenon.


Q: Is the inquiry service free of charge?

Yes, our inquiry service is free of charge.

① Provide free drawing design scheme + customization service;

② Provide free installation and testing services: For the installation of equipment manuals, drawings, and other materials + online/offline assistance in installation, and commissioning, until the equipment works normally;

(3) Provide common faults and treatment methods and machine lubrication range table;

If you need other services, please contact us;

Q: What certifications have the high speed electric winch produced by your company passed?

The winch has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, API certification of American Petroleum Institute, MA (KA) certification of mining products, and the products have obtained the type approval of China Classification Society (CCS), ABS certification, and DNV certification.

The certifications shown above are commonly used, if your country requires other certifications, please contact us to obtain them.

Q: When the crane fails, can we provide technical support or spare parts in time?

Our company provides free online technical support 24 hours a day;

If the customer is unable to work according to our online technical guidance, we can arrange for our engineers to come to your factory.

During the warranty period, for the parts damaged by accident, our company will send the fastest time; beyond the warranty period, our company will be charged at the cost price.

Q: How do I pay?

We accept T/T bank transfers, L/C, PayPal, etc.

For regular customers, we can provide more supportive payment terms, such as credit cards.

Q: After-sales service

① The warranty period is 1 year, during the warranty period due to quality problems caused by equipment parts, the company immediately through international express, free of charge to send accessories;

② 7*24 24-hour online service, understanding customer problems within 24 hours to provide solutions;

③ If the team visits all the cities or countries of the customer, such as exhibitions, installation, etc., it will be free to the customer's factory for equipment testing and maintenance.

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