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Anchor Winch

Electric anchor winch – the machine uses electricity to power the winch’s motor, which is very safe and reliable, and also has low operating cost. What’s more, the winch is easy to install and requires minimum maintenance. To get more details on our anchor winch for sale, please just contact us now.


Introduction to products:

A windlass is a large deck machine on a ship that is used to draw and lower anchors and chains. The windlass is usually installed on the main deck of the ship's bow and stern for the ship to weigh anchor and anchor the cable, and the rollers on both sides of the sprocket can be used for twisting the cable.

The electric anchor winch pulls the anchor through the wire rope, and the end of the wire rope is connected to the anchor chain of about 4-10m, and the anchor chain is connected to the anchor.

Product Parameter:

The main technical indicators of an automatic boat anchor winch include cable diameter, nominal speed of windlass, rated load, supporting load, several speed changes, electrical system, and so on.

1. Rated working load: 2835kN

2. Nominal speed (first layer): 15m/min

3. Support load: 2629kN

4. Wire rope diameter: 42mm

5. Rope capacity of drum: 550m

6. System working pressure: 15MPa

7. Motor power: 55kW/75kW/90Kw

8. Sprocket: single or double hawse wheel

To get more details on our anchor winch for sale, please just contact us now.

Product category:

Windlass can be divided into manual windlass, electric windlass, and electric hydraulic windlass according to different driving methods. At present, the sea ship anchor machines to electric anchor machines and electric hydraulic anchor machines. In order to control the operation of the windlass, the power windlass is equipped with a master controller, which can carry out reversing operations and multistage variable speed control.

Manual (manual) windlass is suitable for ships whose anchor mass does not exceed 250kg, and measures should be taken to prevent injury by the handle.

The power source of the electric boat anchor winch is the motor, which drives the main shaft to rotate after the multi-stage deceleration is realized by the large and small gears in the reducer box. Due to the high requirement of deceleration ratio, the deceleration mechanism is large and mainly used for small and medium-sized ships.

The electric windlass is divided into horizontal windlass and vertical windlass according to the arrangement. Horizontal windlass is widely used in modern transport ships, and its main shaft is horizontally arranged. In order to tie and untie the cable operation and adjust the force of the cable, modern ships often use the combined anchor-mooring machine, which combines the anchor machine and mooring winch into one. In addition to the auxiliary reel at the spindle end, there is also a mooring winch (main reel) on the windlass spindle, which, like the sprocket, is driven by the spindle and controlled by an independent clutch and brake. Hold the clutch together to twist or loosen the cable. After the cable is twisted, the brake is tightened to maintain the force on the cable without moving it to the bollard.

The sprocket shaft of the Vertical windlass is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, which can reduce the deck area occupied by the windlass, which is commonly found on warships.

There are also automatic windlass and remote control windlass. The former is equipped with an anchor chain length sensor in the automatic hydraulic windlass system, when the anchor chain is thrown out, the anchor will stop automatically; when weighing the anchor, when the anchor is close to the hawse tube, it can automatically slow down, and when the anchor enters the hawse tube, and it will automatically stop. The latter is a kind of windlass that can be remotely operated in the cab, and its throwing and hoisting operations can be remotely operated on the bridge.

Anchor Winch for Sale

Product structure:

The electric windlass is mainly composed of a base, support, anchor chain wheel, brake, sprocket, gearbox, and electronic control system (except manual windlass), electric windlass has a motor, and hydraulic windlass has a hydraulic pump station.

In addition to the different power parts of all kinds of the windlass, its functional parts are basically the same, that is, they all include sprockets, winch rollers, clutches, and brakes. These functions are arranged on the same power-driven spindle. The winch drum (auxiliary drum) at the end of the spindle generally rotates with the spindle, and the sprocket is controlled by an independent clutch and brake.

When the clutch is closed, the sprocket and the main shaft are snapped together and can be turned with the main shaft, so that the anchor chain can be twisted in or out.

When the clutch is off, the sprocket does not rotate with the main shaft and can be anchored or twisted. The brake is used to brake the anchor chain or control the loose chain speed. When the brake is tight, the sprocket is fastened to the body of the windlass and cannot be turned.

Ships can generally be equipped with a double-sprocket windlass. For large ships or large ships, because of the large distance between the left and right hawse tubes, two single chain wheel windlass (or single side windlass) are set up.

Product operation details:

The first stage - unwinding the anchor chain lying on the bottom of the water. At this time, the electric boat anchor winch motor is running at full speed, and the load torque on the motor shaft is constant. The ship slowly approached the anchor point under the pull of the windlass. The overhang of the anchor chain will not change shape.

Stage two - tighten the anchor chain. At this time, the anchor machine will tighten the anchor chain, the load torque on the motor shaft gradually increases, the speed decreases, and the shape of the overhanging part of the anchor chain changes until the anchor chain is straightened. The ship moved on.

The third stage - pulling anchor unearthed. After the anchor chain is tightened, the anchor is pulled out by the inertia of the ship's advance. If it cannot be pulled out, the motor will experience a "blocked rotation" phenomenon, that is, stop rotating at a large blocked current. In order to prevent the motor from burning out due to blocking, the motor is required to have "soft" mechanical characteristics, and the blocking torque is 2 times the rated torque. In order to avoid too long a blocked rotation time (specified as 1 min), the driver can drive slowly and pull the anchor by the force of the propeller.

Stage 4 - Hoisting the anchor and chain in the water. After the anchor was unearthed, the motor load torque suddenly decreased and the motor speed increased. With the shortening of the cable, the load torque decreases gradually.

The fifth stage - pull the anchor into the hole, and the motor runs at a low speed. When the anchor enters the hole, the load torque of the motor increases due to the friction between the anchor and the steel plate of the hole.

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When setting up the anchor mooring capstan, the distance between the deck hawse barrel outlet center and the capstan axis should be less than 12 to 16 times the chain link length (or 48 to 72 times the cable diameter).

When the winch is not equipped with a rope arrangement, the distance between the axis of the winch drum and the winch guide is not less than 10 times the length of the drum.

Anchor Winches for Sale

Dejun offers a range of anchor winches for sale, designed for various marine and industrial applications. Our anchor winches are engineered to provide reliable performance, exceptional strength, and durability in harsh operating conditions.

Our selection of anchor winches includes both electric and hydraulic models, each tailored to meet specific needs. Whether you're looking for a compact winch for small boats or a heavy-duty winch for commercial vessels, Dejun has the solution for you.

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Q: Here are some common questions and simplified answers about motorized anchor winches for your reference. If there is anything else you would like to know, please feel free to contact us.

Q: What certifications have the automatic boat anchor winches produced by your company passed?

Q: How do I buy the right anchor winch for me?

Q: How to choose the anchor rope?

Q: Which industries are the automatic boat anchor winch used in?

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Q: After-sales service

① The warranty period is 1 year, during the warranty period due to quality problems caused by equipment parts, the company immediately through international express, free of charge to send accessories;

② 7*24 24-hour online service, understanding customer problems within 24 hours to provide solutions;

③ Installation and testing: For equipment installation and operation instructions, drawings, and other materials + online/offline assistance installation, commissioning, until the equipment works normally;

④ Repair and maintenance: Provide common faults and treatment methods and machine lubrication scope table, if the team visits all the cities or countries of the customer, such as exhibitions, installation, etc., will be free to the customer's factory for equipment testing and maintenance.

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