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CJ Type Oil Logging Winch

The CJ series logging winch is used to measure the slope and depth of oil Wells and to collect other downhole conditions and parameters during oil drilling. The overall structure adopts hydraulic mechanical stepless transmission, easy operation, smooth operation, large speed range, large lifting weight, deep measurement depth, electrical components can be used according to user requirements explosion-proof or non-explosion-proof devices, safe and reliable.


The CJ series logging winch is used to measure the slope and depth of oil Wells and to collect other downhole conditions and parameters during oil drilling. The overall structure adopts hydraulic mechanical stepless transmission, easy operation, smooth operation, large speed range, large lifting weight, deep measurement depth, electrical components can be used according to user requirements explosion-proof or non-explosion-proof devices, safe and reliable. The winch is equipped with a counter component that displays the measured depth and effectively protects the well-measuring equipment. At present, the maximum logging depth can reach 12000m, which has greater advantages than similar products at home and abroad and is an ideal equipment for oilfield logging.

Winch counting system: According to the different requirements of users, the logging winch counting system has a mechanical counting system and an intelligent counting system. A mechanical counting system shows where the logging tool is lowered or raised, The intelligent counting system is equipped with a depth metering system to display the depth position of the logging instrument, as well as the speed of its lowering or lifting and the real-time tension of the rope. Overspeed alarm and wellhead distance alarm can be set to prevent accidental falls of the wellhead, effectively protect measuring instruments, and ensure operation safety.

Oil Logging Winch Parameter:

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Max lifting force4077N4077N
Wire diameterφ2.5mmφ2.5mm
TypeGear change plus hydraulic stepless changeGear change plus hydraulic stepless change
SpeedTap positionMaximum speed of drum (r/min)SpeedTap position
Overall dimensionLength × width × height(mm)=  895×920×975Length × width × height(mm)= 1090×900×1150
Connecting diamentionLength × width × hole(mm)=  800×655×φ20Length × width × hole(mm)=  810×800×φ20

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Oil Logging Winch Advantage:

1. Automatic cabling function: The CJ series oil logging cable winch is equipped with an automatic cabling function. The automatic cabling function ensures that the logging cables are neatly and precisely lined up during the lowering and lifting process, which greatly extends the service life of the measuring cables.

2. Automatic braking function: Logging cable winch with automatic braking function, When emergencies occur during use, such as power failure, winch controller failure, etc., the winch can automatically brake. The detection equipment such as the probe pipe and downhole instruments lifted by the winch cable will not fall free, which can ensure the safety of the equipment.

3. Hand function: The oil logging cable winch is equipped with hand-crank gear, which can manually lift or lower the cable when there is no electricity or in special circumstances.

4. An accurate counting system: The oil logging winch is equipped with a precise counting device to ensure that the probe instrument has an accurate depth position during the lifting or lowering of the cable.

Logging Winch Feature

1)Oil logging winch: The cables used in logging, perforating, and other operations are wrapped around the winch drum, which is turned by the power of the automobile engine, so as to control the cable in the well at the required speed.

2)Logging cable: Conveying various downhole instruments and tools; Supply power and transmit control signals to downhole instruments; Transmit signals from downhole instruments to the surface.

3)Wellhead pulley: A device that changes the direction of a cable.

4)Tension meter: Used with the wellhead pulley, the tension of the logging cable is changed into an electrical signal and sent to the tension panel of the winch for display. Through the change of cable tension, the operation of the downhole instrument and cable can be accurately judged.

5)Cable torpedo: The purpose of cable torpedoes is to connect with various cable heads.

6)Bridle: Connecting cables and downhole instruments; it can be quickly connected and disassembled, and can ensure that the cable core is connected with the instrument wire and the insulation is good.

7)Downhole instruments: Collect downhole physical information and convert it into electrical signals for transmission to the well.

Hoist and installation

1. Swing: When lifting, the lifting hook should be used to lift, gently lift, do not collide with other parts.

2. Install: The CJ series logging wire rope winch should be installed on flat and solid ground, and the distance from the well platform should be kept to keep the Angle between the steel wire and the horizontal about 10° (elevation Angle). When it is required to be installed on the well table, a random attachment pulley must be used to maintain this Angle. If you need more detailed installation information, please contact us to obtain it.

CJ type logging winch

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The Use of Oil Logging Winch

1. Hydraulic system oil: In the summer, L-HM46 hydraulic oil is used. In winter, L-HM32 hydraulic oil is used.

2. Oil in gearbox: In summer, L-AN68 gear oil is used. In winter, L-AN46 gear oil is used.

3. The wire is wound in the groove of the counter drive wheel, after one loop, press down on the extension with the compression wheel.

4. Preparation of the oil logging winch before use

(1) Check whether bolts and nuts are tightened.

(2) Check whether the hydraulic oil in the tank is within the range of the oil line.

(3) Check whether the lubricating oil in the gearbox is inside the oil label nut.

(4) Check whether each valve is flexible.

(5) Whether the chain tension is appropriate, otherwise it should be adjusted.

(6) Check that the counter is wound correctly.

(7) Check that the three-position four-way valve handle is in a neutral position.

(8) Check that the brakes are reliable.

(9) Check that the trimmer valve is in the minimum position.

(10)A measuring device for connecting logging wire rope winches.

5. After the inspection, prepare to drive

Turn on the power to start the motor test run, and observe whether the oil pump steering is correct, otherwise, it should be a commutated connection.

6. Start-up of oil logging winch

(1) Turn on the power to start the motor, use the motor to drive the gear pump, and run empty for 2-5min.

(2) Turn the handle of the gearbox to the desired gear, turn the three-position four-way valve to forward or reverse, and then adjust the trimmer valve to make the drum rotate from slow to fast.

(3) In order to ensure the safe use of the wire rope, the maximum hydraulic working pressure of the winch is controlled by the overflow pressure of 15.7MPa.

(4) During operation, often listen for abnormal sounds. Once found should immediately stop for inspection.

7. Stopping and reversing of logging winch.

(1)The parking of the oil logging winch can pull the three-way four-way valve to the parking position. In case of special circumstances, the brake handle can also be turned to brake.

(2)Drum reversing operation: Change the hydraulic motor steering to achieve, the fine-tuning valve is closed until the motor speed is 0, Turn the three-position four-way valve into reverse.

8. Winch shift

(1)Mechanical speed change: The Three-position four-way valve handle must be pulled to the neutral position, and the transmission handle must be pulled. To Ⅰ, Il position, in turn, to achieve variable speed. Mechanical speed changes shall not be used during operation.

(2)In each gear of the mechanical speed change, the hydraulic step-less speed change is realized by adjusting the opening of the fine-tuning valve.

Maintenance of Oil Logging Winch

The maintenance of the logging winch is the main measure to ensure normal operation and prolong the service life of the logging winch, which must be carried out carefully.

1. Current maintenance

(1) Check each connecting part and each pipe joint for oil leakage phenomenon, find out the cause, and eliminate it in time.

(2) Check whether bolts, nuts, and screws are loose, and remove any problems in time.

(3) Pay attention to whether the pressure gauge and counter work normally, if not normal should be repaired or replaced in time.

(4) Fill the gap between the loose edges of the chain and the inner and outer chains, and double-row chain coupling with oil.

(5) Hydraulic components should be kept as clean as possible to facilitate inspection and fault detection. Hydraulic components should be disassembled as little as possible. During maintenance, the environment and parts should be kept clean.

(6) When the hydraulic system has air, it may produce phenomena such as rebound, noise, and poor operation. At this time, the body parts can be repeatedly moved to discharge air multiple times. If still cannot be discharged, unscrew the tubing joint, and discharge the air.

(7) The temperature of the hydraulic system shall not exceed 90℃. Bearings such as gearbox and drum support shall not exceed 60 ° C. If there is overheating, check whether the system is blocked, whether the relief valve is faulty, and whether the bearings and gears of each part have abnormal wear.

(8) The brake handle should be flexible, find obvious damage, and timely replacement.

(9) Brake handle should be flexible, if not flexible timely maintenance.

(10)Always pay attention to the situation of wire rope or wire, find that there are broken or serious nicks, and cut off in time to avoid the phenomenon of pulling.

2. First class maintenance

After running the log winch for 50 to 100 hours, in addition to daily maintenance, the following maintenance should be carried out.

(1) Clean the fuel tank and transmission filter using clean kerosene or gasoline.

(2) Check whether the nut of the tension wheel is loose. If it is loose, adjust the chain before tightening the nut.

(3) Check the hydraulic oil transmission lubricating oil, if there is serious pollution should be released, and clean it with clean kerosene or gasoline, according to the provisions of the new oil.

(4) Add butter to each butter nozzle.

(5) Grease the lead screw of the automatic wiring mechanism.

3. Second level service

Running 500 to 1000 hours, in addition to daily and primary maintenance should also be carried out the following maintenance.

(1) Clean fuel tank and hydraulic line with clean kerosene or gasoline.

(2) Check whether the internal leakage of each hydraulic component is large, if it is found to be large, it should be repaired.

(3) Check the chain and sprocket wear, if large, should be replaced.

(4) Check the gear of the gearbox, if the abnormal wear is serious, it should be replaced.

(5)Pay attention to the double chain coupling, found abnormal wear, and should be replaced.

(6)Check the wear of the guide pin and lead screw of the automatic wiring mechanism, and replace it if there is serious wear.


1. In the use of the logging wire rope winch, attention should be paid to the value of the pressure gauge, not to exceed the recommended maximum use pressure of each grade, so as not to cause the rope to break. (I gear pressure ≤9.0Mpa, II gear pressure ≤15.7Mpa)

2. Pay attention to the amount of fuel in the tank and gearbox.

3. Do not pull the gearbox handle during the rotation of the motor to avoid damage to the gearbox.

4. Do not use the three-position four-way valve directly when the motor is rotating. The fine-tuning valve should be closed first so that the motor speed is 0, and then use the Three-position four-way valve to reverse, so as not to damage the motor.

5. In normal use, do not easily use the brake handle.

6. The relief pressure of the relief valve components has been adjusted before leaving the factory, and it is not allowed to be adjusted at will in use.

7. The pressure wheel of the counter should be moderately relaxed.


Q: In what environments can your winch be used? Can it be used in particularly harsh environments?

Our logging winches are widely used in petroleum, natural gas, metallurgy, coal, paper making, food, medicine, chemical, metal, and other mining exploration and development as well as Marine exploration, shipbuilding, and other industries.

If you want to buy a logging winch for a harsh environment, be sure to consult us and describe the environment in detail (temperature, humidity, wind level weather, etc.), our engineers will provide you with the safest and cost-effective solution according to the specific situation.

Q: Does your company accept custom and OEM brands?

Of course, the main business of our company is to provide customized services (customized solutions and customized products) to our customers. At the same time, our company also performs OEM production for some famous crane brands and customers all over the world.

Q: Can you provide the latest certification?

Yes, of course. All our products have the latest certificates. At present, we have passed the following certifications: API certification by the American Petroleum Institute, MA(KA) certification of Mineral products Safety Mark, product type approval by China Classification Society (CCS), ABS certification, DNV certification and so on, and have passed most of the globally recognized verification.

In order to control the quality of products, different countries will require different certificates for products, if you need any type of certification, please ask us to obtain it. 

Logging Winch Quality Control

Q: What are your company's strengths?

Dejun Crane has independent import and export qualifications. Lifting machinery has been exported to Mexico, Brazil, Peru, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Zambia, Ethiopia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh and other more than 60 countries;

② Our company has more than 30 years of winch manufacturing and design experience, adheres to mechanical research and development and manufacturing, products are widely used in oil, natural gas, coal, metal, and other mining exploration and development, ocean exploration, shipbuilding, and other industries;

③ Our company attaches great importance to quality control and third-party certification, At present, all products have passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, some products have API certification of American Petroleum Institute, MA (KA) certification of mineral product safety mark, product type approval of China Classification Society (CCS), ABS certification, DNV certification, etc. There are European CE certifications, SGS certifications, and so on;

④ Service/Policy/Warranty or after-sales service

Provide equipment installation instructions, drawings, and other materials + online/offline assistance in installation, and commissioning, until the equipment works normally;

7*24 hours online service. after understanding customer problems, provide solutions within 24 hours;

During the warranty period, due to the damage of equipment parts caused by quality problems, the company will send spare parts free of charge through international express;

The team will visit the customer's city or country, free of charge to the customer's factory for equipment testing, maintenance.

Q: What kind of payment terms do you accept?

We accept various payment methods, such as T/T (wire transfer), L/C (Letter of credit), Collection, D/P (Documents against payment), Western Union, etc.

Q: How long does it take for general production and delivery of a oil logging winch?

Under normal circumstances, we will be able to produce and ship within 15 days after receiving the advance payment, but the specific period depends on the number of products, product requirements, etc.

Q: Do you have any other questions?

We offer more than 20 different products, all with slightly different functions, so if you have some questions or need any other answers, please contact us.

CJ Type Oil Logging Winch

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