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European Electric Rope Hoist

Wire rope European electric hoist is a kind of electric hoist that uses high-strength wire rope as the lifting medium. The lifting weight is 1T-80T, the lifting height is 6m-32m, and the working level is M5-M8.


European Electric Rope Hoist is a kind of electric rope hoist that uses high-strength wire rope as the lifting medium. The lifting weight is 1T-80T, the lifting height is 6m-32m, and the working level is M5-M8. The electric hoist is suitable for medium and heavy industrial production or large-scale logistics transportation and other occasions.

The design of the European hoist is based on the indoor working environment without any corrosive medium, and the working temperature range is -10°C to +40°C.

The European electric wire rope hoist can be installed on a fixed structure or run on a suitable track, such as on the track of a single girder crane, bridge crane, gantry crane, suspension crane, etc.


European Electric Rope Hoist Parameters:

All structural parts carrying wire rope hoists should fully consider the working environment and the weight of the hoist themselves in accordance with the corresponding specifications when designing.

Working Class
Lifting Heightm3-100
Lifting Speedm/min0.8/5, dual speed
Travelling Speedm/min3~30,VFD CONTROL
Power Supply
380V 50HZ 3Phase or Customized
Control Method
Pendent/Remote Control
Protection Grade

Whether you're in manufacturing, construction, logistics, or any other industry that requires reliable lifting solutions, DEJUN is your trusted partner for customized European Electric Rope Hoists. Contact us today to discuss your application needs and discover how we can provide the perfect lifting solution for your business.

European Hoist Advantage:

The European-style low headroom hoist adopts international leading technology to ensure the limited size of the product. It has a compact structure while ensuring high performance. In the same factory and working area, it can reduce the blind spot, save investment for customers, increase efficiency, and reduce cost. It is superior in performance and has many incomparable advantages over traditional electric hoists.

1. Light weight, small wheel pressure, maximize the use of space

In the same workshop and working area, the European-style wire rope electric hoist can cover a larger operating range, increase the utilization rate of the internal area of the workshop, and reduce blind spots.

The hanging trolley of the hoist adopts the side hanging form with low building height, which increases the working range of the hook.

If the weight and height of the crane are reduced in the design stage of the plant, it can greatly reduce the requirements of the lifting equipment on the height and bearing capacity of the plant, save investment for customers, increase efficiency and reduce costs, and reduce plant investment.

2. Precise positioning to improve operating efficiency

The drive unit of the European electric hoist ensures safe, smooth, and efficient operation. The compact structure design makes the offset size of the hook small. The standard configuration of double-speed lifting (optional frequency conversion) and trolley frequency conversion ensures the efficient operation of the crane and improves the efficiency of the workshop logistics, so as to ensure that customers can complete their production plans.

3. Operation monitoring, easy maintenance

European hoist has a variety of monitoring and protection functions. Its operation monitoring unit of the hoist can record the operation status of the electric hoist, the operating state of the motor, and the safety working cycle in detail, and warn in advance. All records can provide data for maintenance, understand the root of the problem, and make the maintenance of the crane timelier and faster.

4. Modular design, low maintenance cost, perfect spare parts service

The modular design ensures the standardization and interchangeability of European-style wire rope electric hoist components, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the product.

Complete spare parts inventory and professional service team provide customers with timely after-sales service and solve customers' worries after purchasing equipment.


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Applicable Scene

European electric hoist is intelligent equipment. Widely used in single-girder eot cranes, double-girder bridge cranes, and gantry cranes, the European chain hoist can meet various working environments. Therefore, European-style wire rope electric hoists are used in automotive, environmental protection, energy, machinery, aviation, rail transit, mold industry, paper-making, and other industries. At present, the European electric hoist is a necessary machine to improve working conditions and improve labor efficiency in production operations. It is mainly used for material lifting and handling.

Note: European-style wire rope hoists are designed and manufactured based on the indoor working environment without any corrosive medium, and the working temperature range is -10℃ to +40℃. Higher operating temperatures will reduce the safe working life of the hoist. The device cannot work when the ambient temperature is higher than +80℃.

At DEJUN, we offer comprehensive customization options for our range of 1~25t European Electric Rope Hoists, ensuring that they are perfectly suited to your specific application requirements. Whether you need a specific lifting height, specialized controls, or additional safety features, our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that your hoist is optimized for your specific needs.

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Product operation method

Generally, the operation method of European wire rope hoists can be divided into two types: handle operation and wireless remote control operation; which operation method to choose depends on your needs, and we will also provide you with the best suggestions.

Product Structure and Features

The structure of the European Electric Rope Hoist is mainly composed of a motor, a transmission mechanism, a drum, or a sprocket.

1. Body structure: Die stamping or bending steel plate is used to reduce the use of welding parts, and improve the life and quality of the structural load-bearing part.

2. Electrical components: The electrical components of the European electric rope hoist adopt the Schneider brand, and the mechanical life is more than 1 million times. The insulation class of the motor is Class F, the protection class of the motor is not lower than IP54, and it has overheat protection and alarm functions. The motor shell is made of aluminum alloy, which has an excellent heat dissipation effect. It realizes stepless speed regulation, is applied to precise installation, and cooperates with PLC programmable controller to realize functions such as anti-sway positioning.

3. Rope guide: The spring pressure wheel type rope guide device is applied to the European electric rope hoist so that the wire rope is arranged in the rope groove accurately and orderly and the compression degree of the rope guide is automatically adjusted according to the working condition through the spring elasticity in use, which fundamentally avoids the damage of the rope guide caused by crooked pulling and hanging.

4. Overload limiter: The European electric rope hoist is equipped with an overload limiter. When overloaded, an alarm signal is issued and the hoist is restricted from continuing to lift heavy objects. The hook can only move in the direction of reducing the load, and cannot move in the direction of increasing the load. The overload limiter display can display the value of the load and prompt the operator to prevent overload.

5. Limit switch: The European electric rope hoist is equipped with a lifting limit switch. When the hook is close to the upper and lower limits, an alarm will be issued. When the upper and lower limits are reached, the power supply will be automatically cut off to stop the motor, and the motor can only run in the opposite direction, the lifting mechanism adopts double limits to prevent the hook from hitting the top.

6. Monitoring system: The european electric rope hoist collects operation information, status information, and fault information through sensors saves them in the memory in real-time, and transmits them to the laptop through the USB interface to realize effective operating status monitoring, maintenance information display, fault diagnosis and operation parameter optimization.

Before the european electric rope hoist is started, the controller will perform a self-check, including the power supply voltage level, whether there is a phase loss, the effectiveness of each safety protection device, and the zero position status of the button.


Q: How to install the European Electric Rope Hoist? Can you provide product technical support?

In terms of product installation, our company will provide you with equipment installation instructions, drawings and other materials + online/offline technical support until the equipment works normally. Online Download.

Q: Can you provide product accessories?

Yes, we can provide product accessories.

Our main electrical component brands are Siemens or Schneider brands, which are easily available all over the world.

However, if you have difficulties in purchasing, please conact us in time, we will send to you by the fastest logistics transportation methods, such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, Aramex, etc.

Q: How do I buy European Electric Rope Hoist? What parameters need to be provided?

① Lifting weight;

② lifting speed;

③ Lifting height;

④ running speed;

⑤ Other special needs;

Q: How long is the after-sales service of European Electric Rope Hoist?

The warranty period of this product is one year.

During the warranty period, if there is a problem with the parts (under the premise of correct operation), we will provide you with new parts for free as soon as possible;

If the user does not operate according to the regulations, resulting in damage to the machine or parts, we will assist you to solve the problem, but the cost will be borne by you.

Q: 1.What's the MOQ for European style wire rope hoist?

1 set.

Q: Why choose your company?

① The Company's current qualification certificates include: CE certificate, SGS certificate, ISO certificate, etc.

② We have enough experience in foreign lifting projects. Up to now, the countries we have cooperated with are: Zambia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Serbia, Brazil, Nigeria, Czech Republic, Peru, Russia, the Philippines, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Australia, Mexico, Tanzania, New Zealand, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Turkey, Singapore, Qatar, Myanmar, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Israel, Iraq, Indonesia, Bolivia, Jordan, Iran and more than 40 countries.

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Q: How are your products packaged and shipped?

Usually, our products will be fixed in a plywood wooden box, which is specially customized for the electric hoist. The wooden box has a certain impact resistance, so as to avoid bumping and damaging the hoist and motor during transportation.

Q: How can I be sure that the product I received is correct?

① Out of responsibility for the cooperation between us and to provide you with a better product experience, the products produced by our company will be packaged and shipped after inspection, and will be accompanied by two documents: Product instruction manual and product qualification certificate.

② Each European-style electric hoist should be equipped with a sign on an obvious position, and the following important product information should be indicated on the sign:

Product name, product model, date of manufacture, lifting capacity, lifting speed, lifting height, mechanism working level, operating speed, etc.

Q: Payment method

We accept T/T bank transfer, L/C, PayPal.

For old customers, we can provide more supporting payment terms, such as credit card and so on.

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