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Electric Trolley Type Electric wire rope hoist

The electric trolley type electric wire rope hoist is an important lifting equipment in the factory workshop. The trolley-type wire rope hoist is a light and small lifting equipment that is usually installed on the crane, the lifting speed is relatively stable, and its existence greatly facilitates the lifting work of all kinds of workpieces and equipment.


Product Introduction:

The electric trolley type electric wire rope hoist is an important lifting equipment in the factory workshop. The trolley-type wire rope hoist is a light and small lifting equipment that is usually installed on the crane, the lifting speed is relatively stable, and its existence greatly facilitates the lifting work of all kinds of workpieces and equipment.

It is mainly composed of wire ropes, transmission devices, and a control system, which can transport goods from the ground to the top.

CD1 single-speed wire hoist is often used in plastic machinery, industrial control, highway, large-scale transportation, pipeline assistance, etc.; MD1 double-speed wire rope electric hoist is suitable for precision installation and accurate hole alignment, sandbox lifting, mold processing, and fine operation of machine tools, etc., especially in environments where the lifting speed is very demanding.

Whether it is CD1 type single-speed electric hoist or MD1 double-speed wire rope electric hoist, it can be installed separately on the I-beam, or it can be installed on the electric or manual single beam, double beam, cantilever, gantry, and other cranes.

Product parameters:

The rated lifting capacity is 0.5t-50t, the standard lifting height is 6m-50m, the rated voltage is 380v, and the non-standard lifting height and voltage can be customized.

The working level of the electric wire rope hoist is M3, which can be installed on straight or curved I-beams, and can also be used on bridge cranes, gantry cranes, or jib cranes, and can be used with wireless remote control.

Working Class
Lifting Heightm3-100
Lifting Speedm/min0.33~8,Single or Dual Speed
Travelling Speedm/min2~30,Single or Dual Speed
Power Supply
380V 50HZ 3Phase or Customized
Control Method
Pendent/Remote Control
Protection Grade

Product environment for use:

The lifting speed of the CD1 electric hoist is constant speed (8m/min), with small in size, lightweight, simple to operate, easy to use, and other characteristics, and is the necessary lifting equipment for industrial and mining, railway, storage, dock and other places.

CD1 type single-speed electric hoist is widely used in ports, power, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemical, mining, railway, construction, metallurgy and chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, plastic machinery, industrial control, highway, large-scale transportation, pipeline auxiliary, slope tunnel, machinery and equipment for important industries such as shaft management and protection, sea rescue, ocean engineering, airport construction, bridges, aviation, aerospace, venues, and infrastructure projects.

MD1 double-speed electric hoist is an upgraded version of the CD1 single-speed electric hoist. In addition to having the characteristics of a CD1 single-speed electric hoist, a lifting speed is added, that is, MD1 double-speed wire rope hoist has two kinds of lifting speeds - normal speed (8m/min) and slow (0.8m/min), stable and accurate lifting, suitable for precision processing industry. During normal lifting, it is completed by the main motor. When the specified lifting height is reached, the auxiliary motor can be switched to run at a slow speed to improve the accuracy of the lifting operation.

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Product Components:

The electric hoist is mainly composed of three parts, namely the lifting mechanism, the operating mechanism, and the electrical device.

The lifting mechanism includes the motor, reducer, drum device, hook device, etc.

The operating mechanism includes a conical rotor motor with a brake and a trolley transmission;

The electrical devices include couplings, flexible cable current introducers, overload limiters, etc.

The electric hoist drives the reducer to rotate through the motor, the reducer then transmits the reduced speed to the reel, and the reel drives the winding of the wire rope to realize the function of lifting and lowering the object. At the same time, the work of the brake is also an important part, which can ensure that the object will not fall when the motor is stopped.

Product Details:

Limit switch

Limit switch

It is located below the wire rope hoist and directly above the hook. When the wire rope reaches the position of the limit switch, the electric hoist will automatically cut off the power to ensure that the wire rope will not fall out.

Reverse phase protection device

Reverse phase protection device

It is a protector for the power supply. When the power supply is connected incorrectly, the electric hoist will automatically control the circuit to protect the motor from burning and avoid motor damage caused by improper operation.

Emergency stop button

Emergency stop button

Located on the remote control of the electric hoist, it is a red round button. For emergencies, users can press this button to realize emergency stop operation.

What is the difference between a wire rope electric hoist and a chain electric hoist?

The lifting rope of a wire rope electric hoist is wire rope, and the lifting rope of a chain electric hoist is a chain. This is the most intuitive difference.

1. Chain electric hoist: generally suitable for small tonnage, slow lifting speed places.

Wire rope electric hoist: suitable for large tonnage, fast running speed, and the speed can be adjusted.

2. The volume of the wire rope electric hoist is larger than that of the chain electric hoist.

The wire rope electric hoist has a higher working level than the chain electric hoist.

According to the different workplace environments and requirements used by each customer, various models and specifications of the chain electric hoist and wire rope electric hoist are selected. Like the general chain electric hoist is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises such as factories, logistics, and processing plants. The wire rope electric hoist is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, coal mines, railways, construction, and special environments (high temperature, flammable and explosive) and other places.

Electric wire rope hoist test before use

1. Turn on the main power supply, press the running direction key, no load test run, and use it after the direction is correct.

2. Press the down direction key, and the hook will drop to the required height, use the hook to hook the correct part of the hanging item.

3. Press the up-direction key, and the hook rises to the required height.

4. Press the arrow keys on the operation panel as required to move the items along the track to the desired location. Press the down direction key to lower the hook to the required height and remove the lifting object.

Precautions when using an electric hoist

1. It is strictly forbidden to operate with gloves, and the hands should be kept dry to prevent electric shock.

2. When lifting heavy objects, it should be vertically downward, and it is strictly forbidden to pull along the axial direction of the drum to prevent damage to the rope guide, keep the center of gravity balanced, and lift at a uniform speed to ensure that the heavy objects do not turn over after lifting.

3. When lifting, it is strictly forbidden to stand under the heavy object. No matter who sends the emergency stop signal, it must stop immediately.

4. When using an electric hoist, it is forbidden to hang heavy objects for a long time to prevent permanent deformation of the wire rope.

5. It is forbidden to collide with the baffle and shake the discharge.

6. Do not use inclined lifting and horizontal dragging tools.

7. Do not change the running direction suddenly. If you need to change it, you must wait for the heavy object to be lifted to stop before starting in the opposite direction.

8. It is strictly forbidden to frequently start the lifting electric hoist.

9. The lifting limit device is a safety device in case of emergency. It should not be used as an ordinary switch and used frequently.

10. Do not overload for lifting operations.

11. Do not use the lifting limiter for lifting and parking.

12. Overhaul and maintenance are not allowed during lifting operations.

13. It is not allowed to carry out lifting, horizontal, and running operations when the hoisting load has severe vibration.

14. Do not dismantle any safety device on the hoist crane at will.

15. Do not operate under the following defects and damages that affect safety: brake failure, limiter failure, and hook nut anti-loosening device damage

16. The damage to the hoisting wire rope has reached the scrapping standard.


Q: Should I choose a single-speed electric wire rope hoist or a two-speed electric wire rope hoist?

The lifting speed of the CD1 electric hoist is normal speed, which can meet the general use requirements. MD1 electric hoist has two lifting speeds - normal speed and slow speed; when working at slow speed, it can meet the requirements of fine operations such as precision loading and unloading, mold closing of the sandbox, and machine tool maintenance.

Therefore, the range of use of the MD1 electric hoist is wider than that of the CD1 electric hoist.

Q: Can the wire rope hoist be customized?

Sure, it can be customized.

There is no strict definition of wire rope electric hoist in terms of size and various parameters. Wire rope electric hoist is customized according to the needs of customers and the conditions of the working site. Specifications such as lifting weight, lifting speed, equipment volume, lifting height, single speed and double speed, frequency conversion, single track and double track, single rope and multiple ropes, colors, etc. can all be customized.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for this wire rope hoist?

1 set.

Q: When will electric trolley electric wire rope hoists be shipped after purchase?

After receiving your advance payment, we will arrange the production as soon as possible, and the general production delivery time is 7 days.

If you have higher requirements on the production and delivery time of the goods, please be sure to tell us before signing the contract.

Q: Why should I choose your company to buy?

① Our company is the top three electric wire rope manufacturers in China, and can fully undertake all your projects.

② The company's current qualification certificates include CE certificate, SGS certificate, ISO certificate, etc.

③ We have enough experience in foreign lifting projects. Up to now, we have cooperated with the following countries: Zambia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Serbia, Brazil, Nigeria, Czech Republic, Peru, Russia, the Philippines, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Australia, Mexico, Tanzania, New Zealand, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Turkey, Singapore, Qatar, Myanmar, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Israel, Iraq, Indonesia, Bolivia, Jordan, Iran and more than 40 countries.

④ Our company Dejun Crane has a rigorous work process.

Pre-sale & In-sale:

For large amounts of orders, the team will assist in follow-up and service and set up a project team according to the progress of the project. The members are: project manager, project leader, design engineer, product production & packaging & domestic transportation responsible person, quality inspection personnel, customs clearance & customs clearance responsible person, and one-stop service, each link has a special person responsible for accurate docking and timely service.

After Sale:

Our warranty period is one year, during the warranty period, if the parts have problems (under the premise of correct operation by the buyer), we will provide new parts for free the first time;

However, if the buyer does not operate according to the regulations, resulting in damage to the machine or parts, we will assist and provide relevant solutions at the buyer's expense.

Q: Payment method

We accept T/T bank transfer, L/C, PayPal.

For old customers, we can provide more supporting payment terms, such as credit card and so on.

Q: How to pack and deliver the electric wire rope hoist?

When the electric hoist crane leaves the factory, it needs to be wrapped with a rope, and then put in a plywood wooden box. This wooden box is specially customized for the hoist. The wooden box has a certain impact resistance, and it will avoid bump damage to hoists and motors during transportation.

It is early autumn now, and there is a lot of rain. The wood is afraid of blisters. Once blisters occur, the motor of the electric hoist will be damp. During transportation, in order to protect the electric hoist, a layer of rain protection will be made for the electric hoist when it is shipped, so as to prevent the wooden box of the electric hoist from being exposed to rain and water.

Q: How to park the electric hoist when it is not in use?

After use, stop the electric hoist at the designated place, lift the hook to a height of at least two meters from the datum level, and press the main contactor switch (red button).

Turn off the power switch.

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