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24-hour Emergency Service

24-hour Emergency Service

If the crane fails, in the event of an emergency, our after-sales service team will provide emergency services to ensure that the line is available 24 hours a day in order to deal with emergency failures.

24-hour emergency service contact: 18237125869

You can also report for repair at any time through online forms, email and Whatsapp and other contact methods. For fault service, our company can realize rapid processing, progress report, spare parts delivery, feedback and other services, so as to achieve one-stop after-sales service management.

Spare Parts Service

Spare Parts Service

Our spare parts business includes quality claims, wearing parts sales, spare parts sales, etc. We have a spare parts center at the headquarters, if you need to purchase spare parts and wearing parts, we can send to you through DHL, UPS, FEDEX, Aramex and other ways.

Maintenance Service

When the user has maintenance needs, in order to restore the crane to use as soon as possible and minimize the loss of the user, please read the following carefully to ensure that our service personnel can help you solve the problem at the first time.

Scope of Application: Applicable to all Dejun customers.

Implementation steps:


Take pictures, forensics, records

When the equipment fails, please take evidence in time (take photos), our company will provide you with relevant maintenance solutions in the first time.


Maintenance equipment

No matter what the reason is, after receiving the repair report, our after-sales personnel will immediately coordinate and mobilize all available resources of the company, deploy personnel and control materials, find out the solution to the problem as quickly as possible, and repair or restore the temporary use in the first time.


Determine the responsible party

Our after-sales personnel convene the company's professionals to analyze the responsibility and determine the responsible party.

According to the result of the judgment, both parties shall bear their corresponding responsibilities.

Our Professional Team is Here to Help

Our team is composed of experienced experts who are eager to help you find a solution that suits your business.


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