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JMM Friction Winch

JMM series friction type winch is mainly used for all kinds of large and super large concrete, steel structure and cable, cable long-distance traction and large program lifting. It is characterized by constant rope speed, lifting smoothly.

JM series winch applies to all kinds of bridges, ports, terminals and other road and bridge construction and large factories and mines, electrical engineering equipment installation. It can be customized to the user's needs.


JMM Friction Electric Winch is mainly used for long-distance pulling. JMM electric winch characteristic is stable wire rope speed and lifting. Applicable to all kinds of bridges, ports, terminals and another construction projects in large factories, power engineering equipment installation.

Introduction to products:

A friction winch is a mechanical equipment that drives the winch drum to rotate by power and transfers force by steel wire rope to lift objects. The Jmm Friction Type Winch is driven by friction, which will cause wear in the transmission process and needs to be equipped with friction plates or friction sleeves to offset the consumption of friction. JMM friction winch is suitable for lifting, lowering and transportation of items, and the ambient temperature used is generally not more than 40 ° C.

When the friction winch works, the wire rope only passes through and is not wound to the drum, and the working principle is the same as the movement of the belt and pulley, relying on the friction of the drum and the wire rope to pull the object. Such as grinding, elevator traction machines, etc., need to ensure that the wire rope has a certain Angle and pressure on the rope wheel to ensure the necessary friction, if necessary, the pressure wheel can be increased to increase the wire rope on the rope wheel Angle and pressure.

In addition, the machine is also equipped with a ratchet stop device, which can make the drum stay in any required position. The advantage of friction winch is that the motor starts in a no-load state and the starting torque is small. At the same time, the motor does not need to reverse frequently, so that the power grid load can be uniform. In addition, due to the use of a friction clutch, can prevent transmission damage during overload.

DEJUN is a heavy duty lifting equipment manufacturer specializing in designing and manufacturing heavy lifting equipment including overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, hoists, construction winches and marine winches. We have more than 10 years of experience in crane design and manufacture and have grown into a professional player in the crane and winch industry as we always focus on the needs of esteemed customers. No matter what kind of winches you are looking for, please keep in touch with us and we will give you a reply soon. Welcome to our company. Just act on it!

Friction Winch Technical parameters:

Friction winch is a kind of large-scale winch used on many occasions such as the construction of various kinds of bridges, ports, and docks, or handling boats or ships as required. DEJUN provides suitable friction winch solutions to suit various requirements.

JMM friction winch models are JMM10, JMM16, JMM20, JMM32, and JMM55.

Rated load: 1-100t;

Melting rope quantity: 20-5000m;

Rope speed: 5-20m/min;

Voltage: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase;

JMM series friction type electric winch technical parameters
Modelrated load(KN)nominal speed(m/min)Rope capacity(m)rope diameter (mm)Motor typemotor power(KW)boundary dimension(mm)total weight(KG)

Details: According to the different working conditions or environments, we can customize the friction winch with different rated loads or pull force, drum capacity, rope diameter, speed, power mode or any other special requirements. Friction electric winch for long travel distance material handling, such as large and super concrete and steel construction, etc. Friction electric winch 10 t-65 ton is for sale good quality and good price. Contact us to get more information on the Friction electric winch now.


1. The working temperature of the friction winch is affected by the heat caused by the friction of the brake and the friction sheet, which will have a certain loss, and there is a problem that the decline speed is difficult to control.

2. Friction winch shall not be used on the construction site.

Application of Friction Electric Winch:

JMM electric rope winch is mainly used for a variety of large, extra-large concrete, special grade concrete, steel structure And steel cable, steel cable long distance traction machine large stroke lifting. It is characterized by the constant speed of wire rope and smooth lifting. Suitable for all kinds of Bridges, ports, mines, wharves, and other road and bridge engineering construction and large factories and mines, power engineering equipment installation.

For example, in some occasions requiring a high-speed operation, friction rope winch can play its high-efficiency characteristics to improve the working efficiency and production efficiency of the equipment; In some cases with large vertical heights, the volume problem of the equipment can be solved by increasing the number of pulley sets and increasing the number of ropes or chains, so as to make it more flexible and convenient; In some cases where the nature of the material is more strict, the transmission efficiency of the equipment and the safety of the material can be improved by controlling the friction coefficient.

If you are interested in our friction winch or want to receive a quote, please feel free to contact us and provide the following basic information so that we can quote you:

◆ The purpose and working environment of the winch

◆ Load capacity

◆ Drum capacity

◆ Speed

◆ Electric power supply

◆ Other special requirements

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Product component:

A friction electric rope winch is mainly composed of a motor, gearbox, brake, friction plate, and rotating shaft. It drives the rotation of the gearbox through the rotation of the motor, and then controls the contact area of the friction plate through the brake, so as to achieve the lifting and tensioning function of the rope.

1. Lightweight aluminum alloy shell; Aluminum profiles produced by extrusion, metal stamping, and surface treatment. It has the characteristics of high flexibility, its practicality is not compared with other types of shells, and it also has the characteristics of waterproof and corrosion resistance, which is very suitable for use in outdoor and larger environments.

2. Electromagnetic brake; It can be freely combined, cut off, or brake according to the need, easy to achieve remote control, and other advantages.

3. Electromagnetic contactor; It can not only switch on and off the circuit but also has low voltage release protection.

4. A 24V/36V transformer device can be customized to adjust the voltage according to customer requirements.

Friction Winch Maintenance:

The appropriate location is selected to make the machine stable and fixed to ensure that it does not swing back and forth when in use.

Before lifting, the first line empty, listen to the machine's internal noise, after everything is normal, then start to work.

If emergency braking is required during the work period, just press the brake handle to prevent damage to the machine parts caused by the double-handle brake, and the flow of mechanical lubricating oil into the brake is strictly prohibited, resulting in brake failure.

Long-term use should pay attention to the brake belt, cannot brake.


CE Certificate, ISO Certificate, SGS certificate, IAF certificate, CANS certificate

Advantages Of Friction Type Electric Winch

More stable working with friction;

The speed of lifting the rope is constant;

The lifting of the Friction electric winch is smoothly operating;

Load capacity of Friction electric winch from 10t-65t;

Widely used on the double girder overhead crane and gantry crane;

Easy operation; 

Long lifespan;

Why Choose the DEJUN's Friction Electric Winch?

The JMM Large Capacity Friction Winch made by DEJUN offers several advantages, including:

● High Capacity: The winch has a large capacity, allowing it to handle heavy loads and perform heavy-duty lifting operations.

● Durability: The winch is designed for durability and reliability, making it suitable for demanding industrial applications.

● Safety Features: It is equipped with safety features to ensure safe and secure operation, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

● Versatility: The winch is versatile and can be used in various applications, providing flexibility for different lifting and pulling tasks.

● Performance: It offers high performance and efficiency, allowing for smooth and effective operation in challenging conditions.

● Reliable quality: Our products are reliable and high quality. On the one hand, our products are in strict check system when our company produces the machine. The professional quality-check personnel are working in the factory and they are responsible for the quality of the products. They always check the machines one by one, again and again, to ensure the perfect quality of our products.

● Famous brand: With the development of our company, we try our best to establish a world-famous brand. Under the direction of this goal, the company is strict with the quality of products and services. Customers who get our winch machine are satisfied with the quality of the winch machine and the service mainly including installation, commissioning and maintenance, etc. Choosing a winch product with a reputable brand matters a lot.

● Good reputation: Our company always keeps in touch with the customers who purchase our winches to research the working conditions of our machine. The feedback we receive is good. They are satisfied with our winches. Nowadays, our products have gained high recognition from our customers.

● Acceptance tested: Our company has professional and experienced engineers who are responsible for the acceptance test. We are sure that our engineers will prove the normal operation of the winches. All the winch machines are in good condition before leaving the factory and we are responsible for the winch quality.

● Customized services: If your construction site is special it is difficult to find a common size. Our company can customize the winch machine according to your special requirements.

These advantages make the JMM Friction Winch a valuable asset for industrial lifting and pulling operations.

Common Failure And Solutions Of Friction Winches

● The drum gear sleeve is overheated.

The main reason for this failure may be the unqualified lubricant quality.

Solution: clean the drum gear sleeve, and then replace it with a new qualified lubricant.

● The big gear bearing of the drum is seized.

The main cause of this failure may be excessive bushing wear.

Solution: replace the bushing.

● The spindle is bent or cracked.

The main reason for the failure may be the overloaded use of the winch.

Solution: repair or replace with a new spindle; strictly control the load of the winch at the rated load and below during the operation.

● Gears are running noisy

The main reason for this failure may have the following two aspects: Incorrect gear installation or Different degrees of bearing wear

Solution: reinstall the gear correctly; replace it with new bearings.

● The gear tooth surface is cracked.

The main reason for this failure may be gear damage caused by long-term overload use of the winch or impact load.

Solution: replace with the new gear and ensure that the winch is used strictly according to the specified load.

● The brake can't be braked or can't be disengaged

The main cause of this failure may be a slack or too-tight brake band.

Solution: adjust the gap of the brake belt and repair the asbestos belt.

● The triangle belt is cracked or twisted.

The main reason for this failure may be the long-term wear of the V-belt, or pulley displacement.

Solution: replace with new belt; adjust and tighten the pulley.


1. The driver of the electric rope winch should be trained and certified to work, concentrate on the work, find obstacles in the line of sight, remove in time, and do not operate when the signal is unclear.

2. Idling should be performed before operation, and the electrical, braking and environmental conditions should be confirmed before operation. The operator should understand the main content and workload of the work on duty in detail.

3. The driver shall not leave the post when the suspended object is not completely on the ground. When resting or suspending work, the object or cage must be lowered to the floor. After work, the power supply should be cut off and the switch box should be closed.

4. The driver should always pay attention to the operating conditions and the wear of the wire rope. When the load changes for the first time, it should first stop 0.5m from the ground and then continue to rise when there is no problem.

5. Using a single barrel winch, you must use the brake to control the falling speed, not too fast and suddenly braking, to slowly fall.

6. Do not use the lever switch to prevent collision and misoperation.

7. The wire rope should be regularly buttered and placed in a special trough to prevent rolling and damaging the strength of the wire rope.

8. When the rated tension of the winch is greater than 125KN, the rope should be set up, the wire rope on the drum should retain at least 3 to 5 rings, and the end of the wire rope should be fixed and reliable.

9. The distance from the outside of the drum to the outermost wire rope should not be less than 1.5 times the diameter of the wire rope.

10. During the operation, no one shall cross the winding wire rope that is being operated.


Q: Can your winch be tilted to work?

Yes, friction electric rope winch can not only tilt drag, but also horizontal drag, vertical lifting and so on.

Q: I have special requirements for the JMM winch, can you make special customization and provide me with the most cost-effective solution?

It's okay. As a design, production, and manufacturing in one of the companies, we have our own team of engineers, according to your requirements for custom design production products.

In order to give you the most cost-effective solution, you need to provide the following data:

① Pulling force;

② Speed;

③ rope capacity;

④ Horizontal pull, vertical pull, or slope pull;

⑤ Application location;

DEJUN not only can provide you with JM low speed electric winch and JK high speed electric winch but also can design and manufacture all kinds of non-standard products, for example, metallic non-standard winches and diesel winches. If you need to purchase a winch, just contact us.

Q: Can you provide the price of spare parts for the JMM friction electric winch?

Yes, as a winch manufacturer, we can provide you with relevant spare parts such as motors, wire ropes, brakes, reels, etc.

JMM friction electric winch is a custom product, even the matching spare parts of the same model will be different, please explain the relevant data of the winch to our company, so as to purchase the most suitable spare parts.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity of JMM winch?

A set

Q: What's your delivery time?

Within 40 days of receipt of the advance payment; the exact period shall be based on the detailed requirements;

If you are in urgent need of the product, please inform us before purchasing. We will give priority to your order after confirming the parameters and signing the order to meet your needs;

Q: Do you have an installation service?

Yes. For installation services, we have two options for you to choose from:

① We will provide you with equipment installation instructions, drawings, and other materials + online/offline assistance with installation, commissioning until the equipment works normally;

② Arrange engineers for overseas installation, commissioning, and training;

Q: What kind of after-sale service do you have? How do I secure my rights?

① The warranty period is 1 year, during the warranty period due to quality problems caused by equipment parts, the company immediately through international express, free of charge to send accessories;

② 7*24 24-hour online service, understanding customer problems within 24 hours to provide solutions;

(3) Repair and maintenance: provide common faults and treatment methods and machine lubrication scope table;

④ If the team visits all the cities or countries of the customer, such as exhibitions, installation, etc., it will be free to the customer's factory for equipment testing and maintenance.

Q: When the crane fails, can we provide technical support or spare parts in time?

Our company provides free online technical support 24 hours a day;

If the customer is unable to work according to our online technical guidance, we can arrange for our engineers to come to your factory.

During the warranty period, for the parts damaged by accident, our company will send the fastest time; beyond the warranty period, our company will be charged at the cost price.

Q: How do I pay?

We accept T/T bank transfers, L/C, and PayPal. For regular customers, we can provide more supportive payment terms, such as credit cards.

JMM Friction Winch

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