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Ship Terminal Area

The maritime fleet is an important defense reserve force. Ocean shipping fleet has always been the late logistics transportation means in wartime, it plays an important role in the victory and defeat of the war. Due to the important status of maritime transport, all countries in the world attach great importance to maritime transport, protect it through legislation, give support and financial subsidies, and give preferential treatment in cargo loading.

With the development of The Times, shipping is the main way of international trade at present. Although the international sea freight transport has the disadvantages of slow speed and big risk, it has become the main mode of transport in international trade due to its advantages of large volume, low freight and strong adaptability to goods. In some shipping developed countries, foreign exchange freight income has become an important pillar of their national economy.

The rapid development of maritime transport has put forward higher requirements for ships, docks and ports. In order to improve work efficiency, Marine winch rapidly developed, it is a kind of Marine deck equipment used to deal with rope or steel wire, generally installed in the front of the ship and on both sides of the deck, widely used in ship terminals, Mainly used in offshore oil, ships and ports and other fields, for traction, lifting and anchoring operations.

Commonly used Marine winches are anchor winches, positioning winches, mooring winches and towing winches, etc. When a boat needs to be anchored, stopped, towed or there is something on board that needs to be lifted or pulled, a boat anchor and mooring winch can be used to help with the anchoring and mooring of the boat to ensure that it stops and stays safely in place without moving or drifting; In some special cases, when a tug is needed, the winch connects the ship to the tug for towing operation; When there are some loading and unloading operations on board, the winch can be used to complete the lifting work. Where large quay cranes are not available, a Marine winch can be used to lift cargo from the quay and lower it to the deck or cabin area.


Ship Terminal Area

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In the course of the development of human society, the maritime power has been inextricably linked with the world power. The ocean has different meanings for countries in different states of development, and the cognition of the ocean between large and small countries, strong and weak countries, developed and developing countries is bound to have great differences.


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