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Onshore Oil Extraction Areas

Oil is one of the most important energy sources in the world today, and it has become an important cornerstone for the development of many countries in the world. It not only provides an important supply to the global energy market, but also provides a strong support for the economic development of countries, and oil plays an important role in many aspects.

For many developing countries, oil is an important source of energy for economic development and a major source of economic income. The use of oil is essential to many areas of modern society, it can not only produce fuel, but also be used to manufacture many petroleum products, such as diesel, gasoline, lubricating oil, etc. Not only can it be used for vehicles, such as cars, ships, planes, etc., but also for tanks, ships, rockets, and other spacecraft. In addition, oil is widely used in power plants, factories, and homes for heating and cooking.

In addition, petroleum is also an important raw material for chemical technology, and it can be used to make many other petrochemical products, such as plastics, dyes and synthetic fibers, etc., which play an important role in our daily lives, such as packaging materials, home appliances, electronic products, and so on.

It can be said that oil is the most important blood of our industrial era, which firmly grasps the lifeblood of the national economic life.

However, because the natural properties of oil are flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful, the process of oil mining is very dangerous, and the machinery and equipment for oil mining also have special requirements. The pneumatic winch developed and produced by our company is an essential auxiliary lifting equipment for oil mining operations, common winches used in oil mining operations are: Manned pneumatic winch, XJFH series pneumatic winch, automatic rope winch, JQHS type pneumatic winch and JQH type pneumatic winch, etc., they can not only realize the drilling and geological exploration of oil fields on land, but also can be used for lifting and hauling.

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In the course of the development of human society, the maritime power has been inextricably linked with the world power. The ocean has different meanings for countries in different states of development, and the cognition of the ocean between large and small countries, strong and weak countries, developed and developing countries is bound to have great differences.


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