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Metallurgical Wire Rope Hoist

Metallurgy Wire rope Electric Hoist have been developed especially for the metallurgy industry. These hoists are designed to lift molten metal or other solid state, high-temperature loads. These hoists have the quality and reliability to make your facility a safe working environment.


The installation of these Metallurgy Wire rope Electric hoists is up to the application and the manufacturing facility where they will be used. They could be installed on electric single girder crane and double girder cranes, or it can be installed on a fixed overhead track.

Applications: Factories, mines, ports, cargo storage areas and shops, and is essential for improving work efficiency and improving working conditions.


A metallurgy electric hoist is also called molten metal electric hoist. A metallurgical wire rope hoist is a perfect light metallurgical lifting equipment, it is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of AQSIQ (2007) No. 375 document. An electric hoist for metallurgy is a kind of small metallurgical crane mainly used for lifting molten metal. Its lifting weight is ㄑ20m, the working temperature is -10℃-50℃, and the relative humidity cannot be greater than 50% at the ambient temperature of 40℃. Metallurgy Hoist Electric Rope is suitable for working in an environment without fire, explosion danger, and corrosive media. The working level of the crane with the electric hoist as the lifting mechanism in the workshop is generally A3 or A4, and the working level of the crane with the melting or hot items is at least A6 (the working level of the electric hoist should not be lower than M6).

The metallurgical wire rope hoist has a variety of protection functions such as double braking, double spacing, heat insulation plate, etc. The metallurgical electric hoist can be used with LDY type metallurgical single beam, can also be installed in the workshop fixed lower suspension track used alone, and is an ideal light metallurgical lifting equipment. Other places for lifting molten non-metallic materials and lifting hot solid metals can also be selected for reference.


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Metallurgical Wire Rope Hoist Technical Parameters

Type Specification
SilkWire diametermillimeter0.340.
ropetactic form18*7+IWS18*7+IWS18*7+IWS18*7+IWS18*7+IWS
I-beam track model GB706-6516-28b20a-32c20a-32c25a-45c32b-63c

· Lifting motorcapacitykilowatt1.534.57.513
revrevolutions per minute13801380138013801380

run motorcapacitykilowatt0.
revrevolutions per minute13801380138013801380
phase number
frequencyCycle per second5050505050
Number of engagementsTimes/hour120120120120120
working systemJC%25%25%25%25%25%

We also can design and manufacture customized electric wire rope hoists for metallurgy according to your needs. Tailored metallurgical wire rope hoists are available with customized lifting capacity, hook height, and travelling speed. Please feel free to contact us to get your customized metallurgical wire rope hoists.

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Wire Rope Metallurgy Hoist Application Situation

Metallurgical wire rope hoists are used in factories, warehouses, docks, power stations, logging yards, and other occasions, it is the ideal lifting equipment for lifting and handling goods, and the altitude is below 1000m. However, it is prohibited to use in the following environmental occasions: low temperature below -10°C or high-temperature environment above 50°C, in the danger of explosion, the occasion full of sulfuric acid and corrosive gas, and the place where there are toxic substances and flammable substances.

Metallurgical wire rope hoists have a wide range of applications in metallurgical plants, including:

● Metallurgical wire rope hoists are used in steel production plants for lifting and moving heavy steel components.

● Metallurgical wire rope hoists are used in aluminum production plants for lifting and moving heavy

● Metallurgical wire rope hoists are used in copper production plants for lifting and moving heavy copper components.

● Metallurgical wire rope hoists are used in foundries for lifting and pouring molten metal.

● Metallurgical wire rope hoists are used in heat treatment plants for moving and positioning heavy components.

Metallurgical Electric Wire Rope Hoists Maintenance and Safety Considerations

To ensure the safe and efficient operation of a metallurgical wire rope hoist, regular maintenance is essential. 

● A regular inspection of the hoist's components, including the wire rope, drum, gearbox, and brake, is necessary to ensure their proper functioning.

● The hoist's components require regular lubrication to reduce friction and wear.

● The hoist's load capacity should not be exceeded, as this can cause damage to the hoist's components and compromise its safety.

● Operators of metallurgical wire rope hoists should undergo proper training to ensure their safe and efficient operation.

Metallurgical Wire Rope Hoist Main Fetaures:

① Protection function: Double braking, double spacing, heat insulation board, etc.

② Install an anti-collision device and sound and light alarm device.

③ Overspeed protection: Mechanical overspeed device, electromagnetic overspeed device, and photoelectric overspeed device.

④ Limit protection device: Lifting the crane of molten metal, the main lifting mechanism is set up in the lifting limit position of different forms of two layers of secondary protection device, which can control different circuit devices; when the lifting height is greater than 20m, the limit position stopper for falling is also set.

⑤ Circuit breaker: Generally, the first limit is set in the control loop, and the second limit is set in the power loop.

When the spreader rises to the upper limit of the first lifting height, the first lifting height limiter moves, and automatically cuts off the lifting power source, stops the operation in the rising direction, and should be able to ensure the operation in the descending direction.

When the spreader continues to rise to the upper limit position of the second lifting height, the second lifting height stopper moves, and automatically cuts off the higher lifting power source and stops the operation in the rising direction. (The operation function of running in the descending direction is not required at this time)

⑥ Strong lifting capacity, easy maintenance.

⑦ Mode of operation; Adopt remote control or non-following operation mode away from the heat source, ensure the operator's operating field of view, and set the operator's safe passage.

Metallurgical wire rope hoists product certification

CE Certificate, SGS certificate, ISO certificate, explosion-proof certificate, etc.

Advantages of wire rope electric hoist in metallurgical industry

  ● Metallurgical Electric Wire Rope Hoist has fast and accurate lifting capabilities, which can quickly complete the hoisting operations of heavy objects, reduce manual operation time, and improve production efficiency.

  ● The metallurgy electric wire rope hoist adopts an intelligent control system, which can achieve precise positioning and remote control operation, avoid misoperation and safety hazards that may occur during manual operation, and ensure operation safety.

  ● The structure is reasonably designed and easy to maintain, and key components are made of high-strength materials and high-temperature-resistant technology, which reduces equipment failure rates and maintenance costs.

  ● This metallurgy wire rope electric hoist can be customized according to different work needs and scenarios, such as adjusting the lifting height, changing the hook form, etc. It has strong adaptability and can meet the diverse lifting needs of the metallurgical industry.

Metallurgy Industry Wire Rope Electric Hoist After-sales service

Provide equipment installation instructions, drawings, and other materials + online/offline assistance in installation, and commissioning, until the equipment works normally;

7*24, 24-hour online service, understanding customer problems within 24 hours to provide solutions;

During the warranty period, due to the damage of equipment parts caused by quality problems, the company will send spare parts free of charge through international express;

The team visits all the cities or countries of the customer, such as exhibitions, installation, etc., free of charge to the customer's factory for equipment testing and maintenance.

Wire Rope Electric Metallurgy Hoist Use precautions

① Metallurgical electric hoist should check the mechanical part of the equipment before lifting, the steel wire rope, hook, limit device, etc. should be intact, check the electrical part should have no leakage, and the grounding device should be good. Each time lifting heavy objects, when lifting 10cm from the ground should stop to check the brake condition, and confirm that the work can be carried out. An awning should be set up for open work.

② Metallurgical Wire Rope Hoist is not allowed to overload lifting, and the hand is not allowed to hold between the rope and the object, when the lifting rises, strictly preventing a collision.

③ The lifting object should be tied firmly. When lifting the weight, the weight should not be too high from the ground, it is strictly prohibited to move the weight from the person's head, and the weight should not be suspended in the air during the work gap.

④ Metallurgical hoist in the process of lifting odor, high temperature should be stopped immediately to check, and find out the reason, before the treatment can continue to work.

⑤ Metallurgical electric hoist wire rope on the drum to wrap neatly, when the hook is placed in a low position, the wire rope on the drum should not be less than three rings.

⑥ Use the suspension cable electrical switch to start, insulation must be good, sliding must be free, and correct operation of the button. At the same time, the operator must pay attention to the standing position.

⑦ In the lifting, because of the fault caused by the weight sliding, emergency measures must be taken to put down the weight in the place of no one.

⑧ Lifting heavy objects must be carried out to vertical lifting, do not pull heavy objects in a diagonal direction, and do not lift heavy objects whose weight is not clear.

⑨ After the completion of the work, the metallurgical wire rope hoist should be stopped in the designated position, the hook should be raised, and the power should be cut off.


Q: Are your cable hoist for metallurgical applications custom made?

Yes, the metallurgical electric wire rope hoist for sale is a custom product, due to the different working conditions (temperature, humidity, product height, lifting weight, lifting height, etc.), all our products are customized according to your needs! 

Custon Metallurgical Wire Rope Hoist details.

Q: When the crane fails, can timely provide technical support or spare parts?

Our company provides free online technical support 24 hours a day;

If the customer is unable to work according to our online technical guidance, we can arrange for our engineers to go to your factory.

During the warranty period, for the parts damaged by accident, our company will send the fastest time; beyond the warranty period, our company will be charged at the cost price.

Q: Can metallurgical wire rope hoist work in hazardous environments?

Yes! The metallurgical wire rope electric hoist for sale is mainly suitable for lifting molten metal in dangerous places.

Q: What is your minimum order quantity?

A set

Q: What do I need to consider when buying from you?

Standard items to consider when purchasing lifting equipment include safe workloads, lifting height, voltage and lifting materials.

Q: What's your warranty period?

12 months since your crane was accepted.

Q: What's your delivery date?

Within 10 days after receiving the advance payment; the specific cycle depends on the specific requirements and actual cycle.

Q: What areas do you serve?

Dejun Crane has independent import and export qualification. Lifting machinery exports to Mexico, Brazil, Peru, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Zambia, Ethiopia, and Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh and other more than 60 countries.

Q: How do I pay?

We accept T/T bank transfer, L/C, PayPal. For regular customers, we can provide more supportive payment terms, such as credit cards.

Q: How many ways to operate this metallurgical wire rope hoist?

For this metallurgical wire rope hoist, there are three operations you can choose from. The standard method of operation we provide is the hover controller with buttons. However, due to the special environment of the product, we recommend the use of wireless remote control and cabin (driver's cab) control with joystick. You can select any of them when ordering.

Q: What makes you different from other manufacturers?

We have highly trained service technicians who will be able to get your material handling equipment up and running and always provide effective service solutions to you.

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