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Towing winch

A towing winch is a type of winch having one or more rope storage drums, a winch for retracting or tightening the tow cable. A towing winch is the main equipment of a tug towing barge, mainly referring to the relatively large Marine winch, there are two kinds of electric drive and hydraulic drive, the smaller tow winch uses electric, and the larger tow winch generally chooses hydraulic.


Introduction to Towing Winch:

A towing winch is a type of winch having one or more rope storage drums, a winch for retracting or tightening the tow cable. A towing winch is the main equipment of a tug towing barge, mainly referring to the relatively large Marine winch, there are two kinds of electric drive and hydraulic drive, the smaller tow winch uses electric, and the larger tow winch generally chooses hydraulic. At present, the largest Marine winch is a 350T Marine towing winch, and the equipment's self-weight reaches 150T. 

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Towing Winch Technical Indicator:

The main technical indexes of the towing winch are rated load, supporting load, rope speed, rope capacity, and so on. The speed of the towing winch varies according to the size of the towing winch, The larger the towing winch, the smaller the speed, the speed is generally 3-10m/min, The rope length of the towing winch is generally long, at 500-1500m, Generally requires a cabling device. Can be customized according to customer needs, and can provide various classification society certificates on request.

Towing Winch Parameter:

Rope capacity of drum: 1500m

Rated load (first layer): 150t

Braking force: 200 t (static, first layer)

Control: on-board + remote

Towing Winch Classification:

The winch of the tow cable can be divided into electric, hydraulic, or diesel engine direct drive according to the driving mode; According to the winch drum can be divided into single drum, double drum(Double drum: according to the distribution of drum is divided into parallel double drum and front and back double drum, the lower drum is used for anchor positioning, the upper drum is used for towing rope) And three drum winch; According to its function can be divided into ordinary towing winch and automatic towing winch.

The brake of the ordinary towing winch is equipped with a buffer device, and when the towing cable is suddenly tightened, the winch drum can be turned slightly to achieve the purpose of buffering.

An automatic towing machine is used in ocean tugs, due to the influence of waves, when towing, the towing line is often subjected to shock load. The feature of an automatic towing machine is that when the towing cable tension exceeds the allowable value, the drum automatically releases the towing cable; the break of the drum in the tow line when the tow line loosens. This function of the automatic towing winch is realized by a constant tension system.

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Electric Tow Winch Details:

1. Control mode: There are two control modes of towing winch: near control and far control.

2. Emergency release streamer function: During braking, towing, and recovery operations, the towing machine should be able to release the towing cable from the cab. Emergency release of the tow line even in case of failure of the normal power source.

3. Brake apparatus: The braking device of the towing winch shall have a static holding force corresponding to the breaking load of the maximum towing cable used with it, and the braking force shall be three times the working tension.

4. The tension display function and rope length display function can be selected, or the constant tension function.

5. The towing winch is equipped with a rope arrangement.

6. Control system: used to control the main and auxiliary equipment of the towing winch, as well as to control the towing winch and detect the operating status and parameters of the towing winch.

It is recommended to set up a device for measuring the towing cable load for the towing winch On an unrestricted tugboat, This setting should record maximum tension and Average tension, At the same time, an overload alarm and length indicator of towline release are provided, and the above data is displayed in the cab.

Application Environment:

A towing winch is a special towing equipment. Used to release a rope through retraction, Towing a ship that is not capable of carrying itself offshore equipment, Such as barges, cranes, floating docks, dredgers, and drilling platforms that have lost their self-propelled capabilities, It is also the key equipment of some military auxiliary ships, civilian ships and engineering ships.

A towing winch is special a winch used on a tug to wind up and store the towing line, the tow line is led from the towed ship directly or via the block to the winch drum, and the length of the tow line can be adjusted at any time. There are two kinds of tow winch, ordinary and automatic, and the application of electric winch is relatively wide.

Ordinary towing winch is mostly used on river tugs. When the fleet is sailing in crooked, rapids or shallow channels and the length of the tow line must be changed, the winch can be activated to bring in or release the tow line In order to reduce the dynamic load caused by the sudden tightening of the tow cable, we will configure a buffer on the belt brake of the winch.

The automatic towing winch is mostly installed on the ocean tug. When the fleet is sailing in rough seas and the tow line is subjected to severe impact, if the tow line tension exceeds its allowable value, the automatic tow line winch will automatically release the tow line from its drum. When the tow line loosens, it is automatically tightened to its initial length. This task is achieved through a dedicated automatic tracking device, which is driven by an executive motor that starts the winch with a control command controller. The advantage is that the length of the tow line can be easily adjusted according to the sea conditions of the navigation area during the towing process.

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Q: Winch ordering and service process

① Please provide the following parameters to obtain the price: Tension; Speed; Rope capacity; Horizontal pull, vertical pull, or slope pull; Use environment, etc.

② The production cycle of the towing winch is generally about 25 days, and our company will produce and deliver it within 25 days after receiving the advance payment. If you are in urgent need, please tell us, and we will give priority to your order to meet your needs; Note: This electric tow winch is a customized product, please pay attention to the production time and transportation time, the exact time of receiving the goods should be based on the actual quantity and the demand for the product;

③ Service process: Our service is carried out in the form of a team, and a project team is set up according to the progress of the project. Members are: project manager, project leader, design engineer, product production & packaging & domestic transportation responsible person, quality inspection personnel, customs clearance & customs clearance responsible person, one-stop service, each link has a special person responsible for accurate docking, service in place in time.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity of towing winch?


Q: How does your company guarantee the quality of your products?

① The certifications that have been passed are API certification from the American Petroleum Institute, MA(KA) certification of mineral product Safety mark, product type approval from China Classification Society (CCS), ABS certification, DNV certification, etc.

② For all the outgoing equipment, we will carry out a quality inspection and arrange delivery after it is correct. At the same time, the winch electrical instructions, winch control scheme, winch delivery drawings, winch certificate, winch manual, winch test report, and other documents will be attached. (Due to different products, the test report attached to each product will be different)

③ after-sale protection:

· The warranty period is 1 year, during the warranty period due to quality problems caused by equipment parts, the company immediately through international express, free of charge to send accessories;

· 7*24 hours online service. After understanding customer problems, provide solutions within 24 hours;

· Installation and testing: Provide equipment installation instructions, drawings, and other materials + online/offline assistance in installation, and commissioning, until the equipment works normally;

· Repair and maintenance: Provide common faults and treatment methods and machine lubrication scope table, if the team visits the customer's city or country, will be free to the customer's factory for equipment testing, and maintenance.

Q: Which payment terms do you accept?

We accept various payment methods, T/T (wire transfer), L/C (Letter of credit), Collection, D/P (Documents against payment), Western Union, etc.

Q: How is the towing winch packaged and shipped?

When the winch leaves the factory, it will be placed in a plywood wooden box, which is specially customized for the winch. The wooden box has a certain impact resistance, and it will avoid bumping and damaging the winch during transportation.

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