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Electric Trolley Type Electric Chain Hoist


Introduction to products:

The body of the electric chain hoist with trolley is made of a high-strength tensile shell or die-cast aluminum shell, which is precisely manufactured by a thin-wall extrusion molding process. Advanced performance structure, small size, lightweight, reliable performance, easy operation, a wide range of applications, lifting heavy objects, loading and unloading work, maintenance equipment, lifting cargo is very convenient, it can also be installed in the suspended I-steel, curved track, jib crane rail, and fixed lifting point lifting heavy objects.

The standard electric chain hoist has an independent transmission system, sealing the two-stage coaxial transmission gear mechanism in the gearbox, and using a long-life oil bath lubrication system. The electric hoist powder metallurgy clutch is used as an overload protection device, and the brake adopts disc-type DC electromagnetic field braking, which has large braking torque, stability, and rapid, and low noise.

Scope of application:

The chain electric hoist makes up for the shortcomings of the large and cumbersome volume of the wire rope electric hoist. The chain hoist is composed of a motor, a transmission mechanism, and a sprocket. The difference with the wire rope hoist is that the wire rope is replaced with a chain.

The lifting capacity of electric chain hoists is generally 0.3-32 tons, and the lifting height is 3-120 meters. It has a wide range of uses and is mainly used in major factories, warehouses, wind power generation, logistics, docks, construction, and other industries. It is used for lifting or loading and unloading goods. It can also lift heavy objects to facilitate work or repair large machines. The chain electric hoist is operated by the operator with a button on the ground, and can also be operated in the control room or remotely controlled by wired (wireless).

Product advantages:

1. Mechanical brake: The double brake system is safe and reliable.

2. Reverse protection device: a special wire device, when the power line is wrong, the control motor cannot operate.

3. Electromagnetic contactor: High-efficiency electromagnetic contactor that can be used at high frequency, no problem.

4. Transformer: 24V/36V transformer. When operating, in case of leakage, it can prevent accidents, and even ensure safe use when it rains.

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Product structure:

The right side of the chain electric hoist is the hoist motor, and the left side is the brake device and gear structure. To facilitate repair and maintenance, the power and flashlight doors are socket type. The main bracket constitutes a whole steel plate of mainly non-welded structure, which is characterized by lightweight, simple appearance, high production efficiency, and easy maintenance.

1. Electric trolley type electric chain hoist product structure: body selection of high-strength tensile shell or die-cast aluminum shell, using thin-wall extrusion molding process precision manufacturing, small size, lightweight, high strength. The special process heat sink is added, the heat dissipation effect is better, and continuous use does not have to worry about stopping due to overheating. Can be used in a variety of environments, high adaptability.

2. With an independent transmission system, the two-stage coaxial transmission gear mechanism in the gearbox is sealed, and the long-life oil bath lubrication system is adopted.

3. Reducer: The three-stage fixed shaft helical gear rotation mechanism, gear, and gear shaft are made of alloy steel after heat treatment, The box, and box cover are made of good quality cast iron, tight assembly, and good seal. The reducer has its component, which is especially convenient for loading and unloading.

4. Control box: use can cut off the main circuit in an emergency, and a device with up and down stroke protection fire break stopper. Ensure the safe operation of the electric hoist.

5. Limit switch: lifting and lifting down the limited position switch device, to automatically stop, prevent the chain from exceeding, to ensure reliability;

6. Chain: All imported alloy steel heating processing molding chains, in a variety of harsh environments can be used normally. Resistant to seawater, chemicals, rain, and other corrosion.

7. Transformer: 24v/36v/48v isotransformer device. The operation, in case of leakage, can prevent accidents, when it rains, to maximize safe use;

8. Conical motor: The lifting motor uses a larger starting torque conical rotor to brake the asynchronous motor without an external brake. The load persistence rate of the motor is 25%, the motor is F-class insulation, and the motor protection level is IP54.

9. Push button switch: Use a waterproof push button switch, light and durable; the operation is light and easy, divided into two ways rope control and wireless remote control.

10. Reverse protector: special electrical device, when the power connection is wrong, the control circuit cannot work;


Lifting Speed(M/Min)7.2/2.46.9/2.39.0/3.06.9/2.33.3/1.15.4/1.85.4/1.84.5/1.52.4/0.82.7/0.9
Motor Power(Kw)0.8/0.271.8/0.63.0/1.03.0/1.01.8/0.63.0/1.03.0/1.03.0/1.01.8/0.63.0/1.0
Insulation GradeF
Power Supply3P 220V-690V
Control Voltage24V/36V/48V
Spec. Of Load Chainφ6.3φ7.1φ10.0φ10.0φ7.1φ11.2φ11.2φ10.0φ7.1φ11.2


1. Do not hang in the air when the chain electric hoist is not lifted to prevent parts from deformation.

2. During use, it is prohibited to use in an impermissible environment, and it is strictly prohibited to overload when using.

3. When the chain electric hoist is used in multiple sets, it is strictly prohibited to press the upper and lower buttons at the same time.

4. The chain electric hoist should be cut off immediately after use to avoid danger.

5. In the process, professional personnel must regularly check the product, take timely measures when failure occurs, and make a record.

6. In use, the lifting chain or internal parts must be kept sufficiently lubricated and clean without any debris.

The difference between a chain electric hoist and a wire rope electric hoist:

At present, the electric hoists used more on the market are mainly divided into two kinds, chain electric hoists and wire rope electric hoists, and different electric hoists can be selected according to different working conditions:

1. At the same height, the volume of the chain electric hoist is several times or even dozens of times smaller than that of the wire rope hoist;

2. The same height of the track, the chain hoist height is much higher than the height of the wire rope hoist;

3. Under the same track length, the operating distance of the chain electric hoist is longer than that of the wire rope;

4. The positioning of the chain hoist hook is more accurate than that of the wire rope hoist;

5. The chain electric hoist is more convenient to install than the wire rope hoist;

6. The cable-stayed capacity of a chain hoist is better than that of a wire rope hoist;

7. Chain hoist will not appear like wire rope hoist "messy rope" phenomenon, the failure rate is low;

8. The service life of a chain hoist is greater than that of a wire rope electric hoist.


Q: What is the minimum order quantity for this product?

1 set.

Q: How to choose the right electric trolley type electric chain hoist?

To choose the "perfect" electric chain hoist, you need to consider the following factors: lifting weight, lifting height, lifting speed, frequency of use, power supply voltage, and the environment used, in addition, if you have other special requirements for it, please let us know.

Q: How to guarantee the quality of your products?

All of our processes are in strict compliance with ISO-9001 procedures, including material traceability, ISO WPQR and welder certificates, calibration of measuring equipment, non-destructive testing of welds, and full assembly and load testing before delivery.

Q: How do I install the product? Can you provide product technical support?

In terms of product installation, our company will provide you with equipment installation instructions, drawings, and other materials online/offline technical support until the equipment works normally;

Q: How long will I receive the goods after I pay?

Under normal circumstances, we will arrange the production and delivery within 7 days after receiving the advance payment, the exact time should be based on the detailed requirements and actual deadlines;

If you have specific requirements for the delivery date of the order, please inform us clearly before we confirm the parameters and sign the order, we will give priority to urgent orders to meet your needs;

How long it takes to receive the goods depends on the quantity of the product and the delivery address. For specific estimates, please provide details so that we can cite the most cost-effective option.

Q: Payment method

We accept T/T bank transfers, L/C, and PayPal.

For regular customers, we can provide more supportive payment terms, such as credit cards.

Q: The difference between a running chain hoist and a fixed chain hoist?

Fixed chain electric hoist can be lifted up and down, left and right (before and after) cannot move, that is, fixed use. The running chain electric hoist can not only lift up and down but also move around (before and after) on the I-steel track. For users who do not need to move around (before and after), they can choose a fixed electric hoist, and on the contrary, they can choose a running electric hoist.

Two kinds of chain electric hoists in addition to the running type with electric sports cars, there is no big difference, that is, the running chain electric hoist, that is, the fixed chain electric hoist is equipped with running sports car. The running chain electric hoist can be equipped with a manual running car or an electric running car. Manual cars need to be dragged by hand to move, while electric cars can be operated using a handle/remote control.

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