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XJFH Pneumatic Air Winch

XJFH series air winch is a winch device that is powered by an air motor and drives the reel through a gear reduction mechanism to achieve heavy traction and lifting. It has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable work, simple maintenance, smooth running, stepless speed change, and so on. As an explosion-proof traction, it is especially suitable for oilfields, geological drilling, mining and explosives, flammable gas, and other places.


Operation Method:

XJFH pneumatic winch operation mode classification: manual, remote control, manual and remote control, remote control.

Pneumatic Air Winch Parameters:

ModelXJFH-3/35 *XJFH-5/35 *XJFH-8/25 *XJFH-10/20 *XJFH-13/8
Max. lifting force30kN50kN80kN100kN130kN
Max. lifting speed35m/min35m/min25m/min20m/min8m/min
Rated power13.2kw16kw30kw30kw30kw
Air intake pressure0.8Mpa0.8Mpa0.8Mpa0.8Mpa0.8Mpa
Rated air consumption12.7m3/min18.3m3/min25.6m3/min25.6m3/min25.6m3/min
Wire capacity160m (Single brake)140m(Double brake)140m (Single brake )120m(Double brake)120m120m200m
Diameter of wire16mm(5/8 in)20mm(3/4 in)24mm(15/16 in)24mm(15/16 in)26mm
Base connecting dimension912mm×500mm(High base)912mm×500mm (High base)---

Pneumatic Air Winch Classification:

Dejun supplies various types of high-quality pneumatic winches.

XJFH series pneumatic winch can be divided into ordinary high base, ordinary low base, flange seat, trapezoidal buckle seat, straight wire buckle seat, oil seat, ear plate seat, and other types according to the structure of the base. According to the type of brake system, it can be divided into single brake (hand brake), double brake (hand brake + foot brake, hand brake + off brake), and three brake (hand brake + foot brake + off brake). Users can choose according to different habits and use occasions.

In addition, the XJFH series air winch also has pressure wire rope, hook, shackle, drop chain, gas treatment triad, and other optional configurations, users can choose according to their own needs, but also according to the type of winch selected to choose.

Air Winch for Sale

Pneumatic Air Winch Composition:

1. Air blended assembly,2. Cylinder assembly,3. Frame assembly,4. Roll assembly,5. Brake assembly,6. Gear drive assembly;

① Distributing valve core,② Assigning valve,③ Lever,④ Piston,⑤ Connect rod,⑥ Cylinder ,⑦ Crankshaft,⑧ Reel ,⑨ Clutch,⑩ Gear cluster,⑪ Oil injector

Air Winch for Sale

The air motor of this air winch for sale has a certain self-locking function. When the control handle returns to the middle position, the inlet and exhaust chambers are closed.

If the winch is in a lifting state at this time, the weight basically does not fall, or there is a slow slide. In order to ensure the absolute safety of the user, the winch is also designed with a braking system.

The braking system of this air winch for sale can be divided into single brake and double brake according to the number and can be divided into hand brake, foot brake, liquid brake, and linkage air brake according to the type. Users can choose according to different habits and use occasions.

Safety functions: automatic brake (cylinder brake, disc brake), dead-air brake, automatic rope arrangement (various rope directions), scramming device, overload device, emergency release device, etc.

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XJFH-5/35KZP Automatic Rope Winch

XJFH-5/35KZP type automatic rope winch is a winch with an automatic rope winch mechanism newly developed by our company, which solves the worldwide problem that automatic rope winchs are easy to mess up the rope when working.

Automatic rope winch can be used as an explosion-proof traction, lifting power device, especially suitable for oil fields, geological drilling, mining, and flammable, explosive gas places.

Use area: Available on platform surfaces and catwalks.

Operation mode: manual, portable remote control.

Pneumatic Air Winch Parameter:

Max. lifting force50kN
Max. lifting speed35m/min
Rated power16kw
Air intake pressure0.8Mpa
Rated air consumption18.3m3/min
Wire capacity120M
Diameter of wire20mm(15/16 in)
Net weight800Kg

If the above parameters cannot meet your actual needs, we can provide you with customized pneumatic winch services, please contact us for more details.

Maintenance of Pneumatic Winch:

Lubricating oil

Lubricating oil

① In a 7-day cycle, add lubricating oil to the gas motor regularly, and often screw down the oil plug, and often screw down the oil plug, check whether the lubricating oil deteriorates, if found metamorphic or mixed with water should be replaced immediately;

② Every day need to check the oil mist lubricants, found no should immediately add enough;

Steam water

Steam water

Check the steam water in the filter every day when it is found that the filter is full, it should be discharged immediately;



To 500 hours for a cycle, regularly grease the gear transmission components and each oil nozzle;

Sealing of Air Powered Winch

1. Short-term storage

① When the pneumatic winch is stored for no more than 3 months, wrap the air intake and respirator with oiled paper or a plastic sheet.

② Dehydrate 2 liters of filtered L-DAG46 compressor oil (that is, heat it to 110~150°C until the foam completely disappears). Pour about 1.5 liters of the dehydrated compressor oil into the gas motor and let it turn to fill the gas motor with oil.

3. Remove the valve assembly and apply the remaining dehydrating compressor oil to the valve body surface and the cavity of the distribution valve body.

4. Add the grease to the gear parts and each butter nozzle.

5. Wrap the inlet, exhaust, and respirator well with grease or plastic sheets to prevent dirt from being immersed.

6. The air-driven winch is stored in a well-ventilated, dry, and clean place without corrosive gas.

It can be maintained for one year by the above method and should be sealed up again after the deadline.

Operation Cautions

1. Preparation before operation

① Lubrication: Add 2 liters of air compressor oil to the air motor housing, L-DAG46 in summer, L-DAG32 in winter (GB12691-89 "Air compressor oil").

② Unscrew the oil nut of the oil mist and add 0.5 liters of clean lubricating oil to it. Adjust the needle valve so that the oil supply is 10-15 drops/min under rated working conditions.

③ Pull the clutch handle to the "closed" state.

2. Drive

① Operate the handle of the distributing valve, pull inward to lift, and push outward to drop, as indicated by the arrow mark.

② After driving, it should be idled for 1 to 2 minutes first, and check whether the brake mechanism is reliable and whether there is abnormal sound.

3. Apply the brake

① When parking, pull the handle of the distribution valve to the empty position in the middle and then operate the brake system to stop.

② In special circumstances, emergency braking is needed, and the distribution valve handle and brake system can be operated at the same time.

4. Precautions during operation

① During the operation of the air-powered winch, if there is an abnormal sound, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

② During the operation of the air powered winch, when there is obvious air leakage at the joint surface of the cylinder head cover and the joint surface of the shell and the distribution valve, it should be stopped for inspection.

Air Winch for Sale


Q: How do you guarantee the quality of your air winch for sale?

① At present, the certifications have been passed: API certification by the American Petroleum Institute, MA (KA) certification of mineral products safety mark, product type approval by China Classification Society (CCS), ABS certification, DNV certification and so on

② For all air winches for sale, we will carry out a quality inspection on it, and then confirm that it is correct before arranging factory delivery.

Q: Are you a factory or a trader?

Dejun is a professional pneumatic air winch manufacturer in China.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity?

A set

Q: What's your delivery time?

25/40 days after receipt of the advance payment; the specific cycle shall be subject to the specific requirements and the actual cycle;

Q: Which payment terms do you accept?

We accept various payment methods, T/T, L/C, Collection, D/P, Western Union, etc.

Q: How long is the warranty period of the air winch for sale?

Within 12 months after you sign for the goods.

Q: How to package and ship the air operated winch?

When the pneumatic winch leaves the factory, it will be placed in the plywood wooden box, which is specially customized for the pneumatic winch. The wooden box has a certain impact resistance, and it will avoid bumping and damaging the winch during transportation.

Q: What are your company's strengths?

① Our company has more than 30 years of winch manufacturing and design experience. In order to control the high quality, all the key components such as the motor, solenoid valve, base, etc., are produced by us.

② Dejun crane has independent import and export qualifications. Lifting machinery has been exported to Mexico, Brazil, Peru, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Zambia, Ethiopia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh and other more than 60 countries.

③ Rigorous workflow:

Pre-sale & In-sale:

For large amounts of orders, the team will assist in follow-up and service, and set up a project team according to the progress of the project. The members are: project manager, project leader, design engineer, product production & packaging & domestic transportation responsible person, quality inspection personnel, customs clearance & customs clearance responsible person, one-stop service, each link has a special person responsible for accurate docking and timely service.

Service/Policy/Warranty or after-sales service:

Provide equipment installation instructions, drawings and other materials + online/offline assistance in installation, commissioning, until the equipment works normally;

7*24 hours online service, understanding customer problems within 24 hours to provide solutions;

During the warranty period, due to the damage of equipment parts caused by quality problems, the company will send spare parts free of charge through international express;

The team visits all the cities or countries of the customer, such as exhibitions, installation, etc., free of charge to the customer's factory for equipment testing and maintenance.

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