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Manned Pneumatic Air Winch

Manned Pneumatic Air Winch is especially suitable for oilfields (including ocean and land), geological drilling, natural gas, coal, metal mine exploration and development, ocean exploration, shipbuilding, and other places such as inflammable and explosive.


A Manned Pneumatic Air Winch is a device that uses an air motor as a power to drive the drum through a built-in planetary reduction mechanism to achieve lifting or traction. It is mainly used for land or offshore oil operations and can be used for manned lifting and loading lifting.

The manned air winch is a special type of mechanical lifting equipment that is widely used in various industries, including construction, mining, logistics, etc. It is composed of a winch transmission system and a crane trolley, which can realize the lifting and transportation of heavy objects. The main feature of the manned air winch is that it can accommodate people to operate during the work process, making the work more efficient and safer.

Manned Pneumatic Air Winch Specifications (technical parameters):

Rated lifting force1.5kN5kN15kN20 kN
Lifting speed0~30m/min0~24m/min0~20m/min0~20m/min
Steel rope diameter(mm)φ10mmφ10mmφ19mmφ19mm
Wire capacity (D=10mm)150m150m130m130m
Overall dimensions(Length *Width *Height) mm850×810×910930×810×9101350×810×9101350×810×910
Pneumatic  MotorRated power(kW)1.8kW2.6kW16 kW16 kW
Pressure of compress air(MPa)0.25-0.8MPa0.25-0.8MPa0.25-0.8MPa0.25-0.8MPa
air consumption5m3/min5m3/min18.5 m3/min18.5 m3/min
Break typeBuilt-in entire disc CAAB + Band hand brake
Security measures1. Ergency stop device; 2.Barely able to brake.3. Limit Switches; 4. Mergency Lowering; 5. Over load protection device; 6. Slack Line Detector;

Note: The above are standard parameters, and customized solutions and designs are provided according to your actual needs. Click here to learn about custom manned pneumatic winches.

Manned Pneumatic Air Winch Component:

The structure of the manned pneumatic winch is usually composed of a capstan, wire rope, guide rail, cockpit, and so on.

① The capstan is the core part of the whole winch device, which realizes the lifting of heavy objects by controlling the rotation of the capstan and the retraction of the wire rope.

② The wire rope carries the weight of the heavy object and is transported by the power of the capstan.

③ The guide rail is mainly used to limit the movement trajectory of the wire rope to ensure the stability and safety of the manned air winch during work.

④ The cockpit is the area where people enter the pneumatic winch for operation and control, which provides a safe environment for personnel protection and convenient operation.

Applicable Environment:

As a common lifting and traction equipment in modern industrial production processes, manned air winches are widely used in mines, ports, construction, logistics, factories, and other fields. In different industries, the use of manned winches is different.

In the construction industry, manned winches are often used in the construction of high-rise buildings. Through the manned winch, workers can directly enter the outer wall of the building for demolition, repair, maintenance, and other work.

In the mining industry, manned pneumatic winches are often used for underground operations in coal mines. Workers can safely enter the mine to carry out maintenance and repair work on mining equipment.

In the logistics industry, the manned air winch can be used for the handling loading, and unloading of heavy objects. Workers can sit in the manned winch to lift the goods from a high place or a narrow space to the required position.

In addition to its use in various industries, the manned winch can also be used in rescue work in emergencies. When emergency situations such as earthquakes, landslides, and accidents occur, rescuers can use manned winches to enter difficult terrain or high places to carry out search and rescue work to improve the efficiency and safety of rescue.

Safety is always an important consideration when using a manned winch. The staff need to receive professional training and guidance and strictly abide by the operating procedures during use. The stability and structural safety of the manned winch must be guaranteed to prevent accidents. Get professional guidance online.

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Manned Pneumatic Air Winch working principle:

The electric manned winch is the prime mover of compressed air as the working medium. It is a power device that converts pressure energy into mechanical energy by using the expansion of compressed air.

The air motor and gearbox are its main power components. The operation principle of the air motor is basically similar to that of the internal combustion engine. Air expansion propels the piston into reciprocating motion, which is then converted to circular motion by a crank link.

The gearbox is connected to the air motor and contains two sets of gears, which transmit the circular kinetic energy of the air motor to the drum to make it rotate.

Manned Pneumatic Air Winch Features:

Double design factor; An 8:1 design factor is used for carrying people; a 5:1 design factor is used for carrying objects; the minimum ratio of drum diameter to cable diameter is 18:1, which prevents cable wear.

1. The manned air winch adopts a drum double support structure, and the wire rope end is fixed in a safe and reliable form.

2. The manned pneumatic winch deceleration system adopts (drum) built-in planetary deceleration mechanism.

3. The brake system of the manned pneumatic winch adopts two types of brakes: a built-in full-disc air-cut brake and an external hand brake. The sealed automatic full-disc brake can resist the erosion of salt spray, dust, or moisture, and the manual roller installation with belt type brake, the operator can apply the brake.

4. The manned air winch can realize two control forms local operation and remote control operation. Both control forms must have multiple safety protection measures such as loose rope protection, overload protection, and limit protection, emergency stop protection, air cut-off brake, and safety release:

① Loose rope protection: When the person or object to be hoisted touches the support surface, the system will automatically stop the lowering of the sling after the sling continues to descend for a small distance, so as not to injure the person or object.

② Overload protection: When the load exceeds the rated load or the set load, the winch will not be able to overload.

③ Limit protection: The control system is equipped with an upper and lower limit device, when the manned air winch lifts or exceeds the set upper and lower position, the manned pneumatic winch will stop running to avoid injury.

④ Emergency stop protection: When the operation is out of control or encounters other emergency situations, you can quickly press the "stop button" to interrupt the air supply to avoid accidents. After the "stop button" is pressed, it has a self-locking function, and the air supply cannot be restored even if it accidentally pops up. Only after the "start button" is pressed can the normal air supply be restored.

⑤ Air cut-off brake (built-in wet air cut-off brake): When the air supply system is interrupted due to a pipeline burst or other reasons, the winch will automatically brake to avoid personal injury or other losses.

⑥ Safety release function: That is, when the winch stops working unexpectedly, it should be able to lower the person or object carried to a safe position.

How to Use the Manned Pneumatic Winch?

1. Start the motor first, and then the transmission gear starts to run. Before starting, the brake belt on the drum should be braked first, and the brake handle on the big gear should be loosened, so that the drum does not rotate, and only the big inner gear turns.

2. If you want to start the drum, you must first completely loosen the brake belt on the drum, and then tighten the brake belt on the large internal gear. At this time, the drum turns and winds the wire rope to work.

3. During the working process of the electric manned winch, if you want to suspend the operation of the pneumatic winch, you can loosen the brake band of the large internal gear, and then tighten the brake band on the reel.

4. When starting the motor, the two brakes cannot brake at the same time, otherwise it will easily cause the motor to burn out. The temperature of the reel, brake band, and bearing of the electric manned winch must not exceed 70°C. If the temperature rises sharply, stop the machine immediately for inspection.

Manned Pneumatic Air Winch Operation Precautions

1. The manned pneumatic air winch should not be overloaded.

2. The operation of the manned pneumatic air winch should be stable, and the hooks, hanging objects, and slings should be seen visually, and other objects should not be hung or stuck. Keep in sight contact at all times. When direct visual inspection is not possible, special personnel must be directed.

3. When lifting, the steel wire ropes on the drum should be arranged neatly. When the hanging object is still, the winch operator's hands and feet cannot leave the brakes.

4. When the manned pneumatic air winch is stopped or repaired, the safety warning sign should be hung and the power source should be cut off.

5. When the manned pneumatic air winch is out of service, the air source should be cut off and braked.


Q: Can this manned air winch be customized?

All of our products can be customized and adjusted accordingly according to different working conditions. We offer over 20 different products, all with slightly different functions, please get in touch with us if you have some questions or need any other answers.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity?

1 set

Q: What is your lead time?

Within 10/25/40 days after receiving the advance payment; the specific cycle is subject to the specific requirements and the actual cycle.

Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trader?

We are a manufacturer of manned pneumatic winches and have our own factory.

Q: What is the difference between a manned winch and a general winch?

The design of the manned winch is different from the traditional winch, which increases the space and equipment suitable for people to enter. In some special working environments, such as high-altitude operations or deep well operations, personnel cannot directly access the work area, and a manned winch is required. Through the manned winch, the staff can safely enter the position that needs to be handled, and carry out corresponding operation and maintenance work.

Q: How do you guarantee the quality of your products?

① Currently passed certifications include American Petroleum Institute API certification, mining product safety mark certification MA (KA), China Classification Society (CCS) product type approval, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certification, Det Norske VERITAS Society (DNV) certification, etc.

② Out of responsibility for the cooperation between us, our company will conduct product testing for any manufactured product, and will only send it out after passing the test.

Q: Can you accept FOB?


General trade terms: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, etc. we can all accept.

Q: Service/Policy/Warranty or After-sales Service:

① Arrangement of technical training

Guided by online technicians, providing technical support for the buyer in terms of electrical, mechanical, winch operation, etc.

② Warranty service plan

24-hour service, real-time response to users' consultation.

Execute the contract and product delivery according to the company's requirements, and fulfill the obligation of consulting on product technology and quality issues.

③ Emergency maintenance method

Through email, telephone, video, and other online means to guide customers to operate, and arrange for professional and technical personnel to operate offline when necessary.

④ Maintenance service standards

During the warranty period, we are responsible for the maintenance, and troubleshooting, free of charge to provide non-improper operation and non-external reasons for the replacement of parts and accessories, we will timely deliver the parts and accessories by land, sea, air, and other modes of transportation within 2 working days after confirmation.

Replacement of components due to improper operation or damage due to external reasons shall be borne by the buyer.

Q: Which payment method can you accept?

We accept various payment methods, T/T (wire transfer), L/C (Letter of credit), Collection, D/P (Documents against payment), Western Union, etc.

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